How To Make Your Dog Respond When Called

It is quite annoying and embarrassing when you call your dog but she refuses to respond. This can also mean harm to your pet, especially when she playfully runs into traffic or encounters a snake. Recall command is used to describe the calling of a dog. As asserted by doggy dan the online dog trainer, they very first thing you have to teach your dog is how to respond to recall command. However, dogs find it a bit hard learning recall commands. Here are some of the reasons why your dog does not come when you call, and how to get your dog to come when called.


Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Review - How to Make Your Dog Respond When Called

Reasons why your dog ignores you

It is important you first understand why your pet fails to respond when called before learning tips and ways to make it come when you send out a recall command.

She hasn’t mastered the recall skill

Just like every other skill, your dog has to learn the recall skill. Until she masters this skill, distractions from her immediate environment will always distract her, making her ignore you when you call.

You want to stop them from doing what they find interesting

For your pet to respond when you send a recall command, she will have to abandon whatever she finds interesting. It is most likely you will send the recall command when you are about leaving the park. In actual fact, you are asking your pet to stop playing with other dogs, which of course she enjoys. No one likes being disturbed when having fun –neither do dogs.

Learned Irrelevance

Dogs are taught to ignore stimuli that are of little significance to them, when trained. This is another reason why she ignores you because she will see your voice as being irrelevant to her.

How to make your dog come when you send out a recall command

Train them while they are still young

The best time to train your dog to respond when called is when she is still a pup. Waiting till she grows will be make it hard for you to train her.

Your recall word must be consistent

You have to choose a recall word and stick with it. While some prefer to use their dog’s name, others prefer to use “come”, “this way” or “here”. Just find out which your dog prefers and stick with it.

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Place your dog indoors or within a fences yard when you train her

It is important you start your training indoors or within a fenced yard. You should give her the opportunity to sniff around, as doing so would enable her get used to the area. There should be very little distractions, and the training should last for a maximum of 6 minutes. Dogs tend to learn faster in the absence of any distraction.

Call her when she is about two meters from you. If she fails to respond, ask someone close to lead her to you.

Dogs love rewards and treat

To get your dog’s attention, place a reward in your hand, take some steps backwards, sit on the floor, and then open your arms in a welcoming and warm way. Entice your pet with the treat while still seated. The treat must be something your dog finds fanciful – bone-shaped biscuit would do.

Praise her as she comes forward using a warm and positive tone. Stop the praise when she stops moving, resuming when she resumes her forward movement. Praise her until she gets to where you are seated. Give her the treat, and then let her resume whatever she was doing before you called her.

Repeat this as often as possible, increasing the distance between you and her. Never fail to reward her each time she comes to you. Repeat the process over and over until she masters your recall command.

When leashed

Dogs can also be trained while being leashed. To do this, grab one end of the leash, and begin a backward movement. This will make her follow you –praise her or give her a reward when she eventually reaches you. Expert dog trainers say that putting your dog on a leash trains her not to pull way while you walk with her.

We have just shared with you tips and strategies on how to get your dog to come when called. Doggy dan the online dog trainer says you have to exercise patience when training your pet and your expectations must be as realistic as possible. When you do, there is a very high chance that your dog will respond whenever she is called. If she does not respond, it could be she is having a really bad day. It could also be that their attention have been caught elsewhere, and may see your call as irrelevant.


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