The aim of www.freedogtrainingclasses.com will be to provide education, insights and recommendations on keeping Golden Retrievers as pets. We are going to provide information on the breed in general, training procedures, health problems, general care, product recommendations and everything you want for a fulfilling life and relationship with your pet Golden Retriever.

And most importantly, the guidance given will have an emphasis on positive and gentle techniques so the relationship between you and your Golden can be as worry-free and enjoyable as possible.

There’ll be severe physical treatment techniques or no domination suggested here.

With today’s modern training techniques it’s not absolutely necessary for creating the greatest relationship between you and your dog and it’s way from perfect.

You can have the best pet with using just positive, reward based techniques and that is what we’ll concentrate on and suggest throughout the website.

Please have a look about, I’m sure you’ll find the website useful and if you might have any comments or questions, please contact us and we get back to you personally.
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