Brain Train For Dogs Review – All The Truth Exposed

Because I have a dog and appreciate it, I especially enjoy dogs. They constantly make affectionate gestures to me when they come and jump on you when we get home from work or a trip.

Everyone must adore it. Surely not?

Do you know why people prefer to adopt and maintain dogs as pets over other kinds?

They are incredibly intelligent and have the best ability to understand human emotions.

They discover if their Master is presently having a good day or whether he is having a bad one. They are also completely faithful.

Despite this, dogs kept as pets may have behavioral problems in addition to physical, nutritional, or sleep-related problems.

Each dog has a problem, and no dog is flawless. Every dog has a problem of some type. Most of the time, their owner faces the most challenges.

In this essay, I’ll share a true experience with you and give you a thorough, current analysis of dog brain training in the hopes that it will help you and make your life easier.

I lack the expertise to evaluate Brain Training for Dogs.

Hello, my name is Katherine Williams, and I work for an IT firm in Texas. My dogs’ names are Heidi and Max. I confess that I am dog obsessed. I am a husband and a father to a son. I often let folks know that I have three kids ( Haha).

I just like interacting with dogs. I also like talking to and getting to know new dog owners and their animals. Managing work and home is a little difficult because of the kids, Max, Heidi, and my spouse, but I’ve become better at it over time.

Heidi is in the left and Max is in the right. However, he seems reserved (Kidding).

As a result, I’ve had issues with Heidi and have struggled with her together with my husband. She acts rashly. Many dogs have tremendous energy, which can occasionally annoy their owners greatly.

She was continuously trying to get my or Ricky’s attention (my husband). She can win an Oscar for attention-getting abilities. She used to constantly bark, both inside the house and around people ( Not Always).

Every time I took her on a walk, she would become agitated and start barking at people without reason. Heidi also bit us while we were playing with her. At first, she might have done it accidently or on purpose, but over time, I started to think that she was doing it deliberately.

We were upset since the doctor recommended a pricey treatment for me despite the fact that I had tooth marks on my hands. Other soft toys that I tried to encourage her to chew on didn’t work, so I gave up.

I adored Heidi, even though I was having difficulties controlling her. I was getting annoyed with her barking and aggressive conduct. I still remember the evening when Ricky invited her office buddy and their family to supper, and how Heidi acted in such a frighteningly aggressive manner toward them, especially toward their young children.

We’re relieved she didn’t bite them that evening. Heidi’s actions embarrassed Ricky and me, and we both expressed our regret for them.

I prepared a list of Heidi’s behavioral problems and other problems after that day and came up with the following:

  • Aggressive behavior, particularly aggression toward strangers ( Often Not Strangers to Me, They were an acquaintance )
  • Shouting at others or occasionally without cause, especially in a quiet household setting.
  • (I can’t do that because I have other things to accomplish.) demanding ongoing attention
  • Staring at me nonstop, trying to get my attention.
  • Dirty running in random directions throughout the house ( Hyper-activeness)
  • Biting while having fun

After doing some research online, we learned that she would stop attempting to grab our attention if we ignored her or avoided making eye contact with her. We made an effort, but it was unsuccessful. To help with the biting problem, we used some chew toys and soft toys, but these were only short-term fixes.

I also learned from the internet that I had to discipline her to curb her hostility and hyperactivity. Really??

At first, I thought teaching her would be a challenge and could end up costing me a lot of money. I also lacked the time to incorporate training her into my everyday schedule.

What Should I Do? I was so perplexed that I truly needed a way out. The biting issue is still under my control, but the aggressive behavior was too serious to ignore ( Especially after that Dinner Incident).

How did I come about Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs?

Every day, I devoted a significant amount of time to browsing and researching dog-related websites and social media. I’ll wager that compared to other topics in my life, including pregnancy, I didn’t do as much study on Heidi’s Problems.

I had to learn how since my dog needed to be trained. I spent hours online studying and reading till I came across Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs.

I learned that throughout the course of her ten-year career, professional dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli has trained thousands of dogs. She created this training course to help dog owners deal with their pets’ behavioral problems and other challenges.

I felt obliged to give the course a try because it was reasonably priced and based on the evaluations I had read about it on dog forums and social media platforms. Here’s an illustration of a dog Adrienne Farricelli has trained:

For a special price on Brain Training for Dogs, go to this website.

What does brain training for dogs entail exactly?

The most important and my favorite aspects of Brain Teaching 4 Dogs are that it is a force-free training method. There is no need to force or harm your dog in any manner. The name itself says it all: “Brain Training.”

I used to think that in order to teach dogs, you had to establish some form of authority over them or force them to behave a specific way in order to avoid punishment. This was the reason I didn’t want to train my dog, silly me.

Positive reward and force-free training lead to dogs having more mental capacity and intelligence. Adrienne Farricelli’s course cost me $60, but you can now purchase it for less money by clicking the link.


What precisely does this training course cover?

I was able to save 20% on this dog training course by using a link someone posted on a dog forum in which I participated. Right here is the link to the no-cost coupon.

As soon as I made a payment for the course, I received an email with my login information. There were solutions on the homepage of the member’s login section, which can be seen in the image below, for every problem I ever had with my dog Heidi as well as for each problem a dog might have throughout his career.

Whether it is a behavioral or lifestyle issue, Adrienne Farricelli has solutions for it in this training program.

The graphic above makes it easy to see the six categories in the Menu section of this area. They consist of:

  • Dog Training and Courses
  • Canine Training
  •  Behavior Problems
  • Archie’s Archives
  • Case Studies
  • Forum

1. Dog Training and Courses

The first section of this menu item mostly serves as an introduction to the author, Adrienne, and offers details on canine brain training, including a list of the specific exercises that are employed to train a dog’s brain.

There are multiple articles with accompanying photos that fully describe the complete process in each of the subcategories of this large topic.

The UI of this dog training application was courteous and user-friendly, and I thought the structure was outstanding. Adrienne demonstrates each procedure using “Einstein,” her favorite dog.

Because she is practical, she uses images to accompany the written information to show how to execute everything she advises.

2. Training Dogs

This Category mostly focuses on pups and how owners should start devoting some time each day to their training in order to avoid issues in the future (like me). The puppy-training phase is absolutely essential for anyone who plans to get a dog soon.

Below is a sneak preview of the puppy section:

There are numerous ways to train the puppy depending on his age, as can be seen in the image above. During his fear period (8–10 weeks), he is developing, so it’s important to establish a friendship and love for him.

As a result, training methods change slightly during that phase of development.

3. Behavior Problems

The Behavioral Problems section of the dog training course is one of the most important sections. The primary focus of this category is on the solutions to any behavioral problems dog owners could experience with their pets.

A wide range of difficulties are covered in this section, including aggression, whining, barking, psychological problems, and many others.

Here is a sneak peek at it:

Each section also includes at least 10 to 15 articles with photographs that detail the approaches and fixes for dealing with that particular problem in your dog. The language is clear and the content is abundant, addressing the reader’s most pressing concerns.

For instance, the aggressiveness section’s 20 substantial paragraphs were quite helpful in helping me understand Heidi’s attitude and psychology and put the training’s answers into reality.

Here are a few articles that discuss how to get your dog to quit barking.

4. Database for Adrienne

Adrienne believes that the problems and topics that are covered in this area are the most important and will be helpful to all dog lovers.

Within it, there are two subcategories:

  • Articles Archive

It gathers all articles about common canine problems like barking and aggression in one location.

  • Video Archives

This section is special since it includes a number of recordings Adrienne made while instructing her dog Einstein. The videos are meant to teach all viewers, especially with regard to trick training and behavior modification methods that are challenging to convey in sufficient detail through textual information.

5. study of a case

Adrienne talks about her interactions with the two dogs she taught out of all the canines in this group that she came across. These dogs were Sadie and Maggie.

Sadie, a therapy and service dog, was given to Adrienne as a rescue dog. She had a number of problems, such as extreme possessiveness, standing at the door for extended periods of time, and whining.

Maggie had an uncanny propensity to pounce on anyone in her vicinity. Adrienne had a really hard time thinking of a solution to her problem. To learn how she managed her jumping issue, apply this Free Discount Coupon to the Training.

6. Forum

Unavoidably, all users will have some worries and inquiries about the techniques used in the training courses. Each participant has the chance to talk about their experiences, ask questions, and get support from other participants.

Adrienne also provides personal comments to those inquiries that really need her attention. Many of the concerns I asked the Brain Training for Dogs forum’s knowledgeable members about aggression and biting problems.

So, in a Nutshell, This Course Includes the Following:

  • The primary electronic book for training dogs includes 328 pages and is available in PDF format.
  • A Free, Very Useful, 89 Page Dog Behavioral Training Manual is additionally included.
  • There are 21 films that teach and explain the inner workings of dog behavior and how to train your dog to follow you in addition to this abundance of useful knowledge. Actually, these video tutorials are quite helpful.

Who will benefit most from this training program?

It makes sense that dog owners like Ricky and I would be the ones to find a solution to our issue. To be clear, there are some great techniques for training your dog to be a “good dog,” but magic does not exist in this world.

You must have the attitude that learning these unique dog training techniques and then putting them to use with your dog will take time and effort; it is not a magical cure. Because your dog won’t start paying attention to you in a fortnight, have patience and keep up the good effort.

Dog training takes time, but it’s worth it because you’ll avoid having to hire dog trainers or incur other costs, as well as not having to be embarrassed or continually regulate your dog ( In my Case it was Doctors Expense and that Expensive Cream to get rid of Teeth Marks ).

Furthermore, anyone who owns a dog that displays any form of behavioral issues, such as barking, jumping, separation anxiety, leash tugging, biting, or anything else, should give this incredible dog training course a try. Brain Training for Dogs has been shown to be successful in training agility and young puppies.

If your dog ignores you during training or simply keeps staring at you while you are instructing him to follow your instructions, there is a chance that he is not understanding what you want him to do.

His inability to understand what his father is attempting to achieve is mostly to blame for this. In this case, dog brain training fundamentally alters the game. He will finally be able to follow you since you mentally engaged him and gave him the sense that you were giving him directions.

For this reason, I strongly advise you to sign up for this course, as it will not only train your dog’s brain but also help you get rid of other undesirable traits in him.

? Check Brain Training For Dogs

What Steps Are Involved In Brain Training For Dogs?

The main goal of this program is to create a trusting relationship between you and your dog before you begin the training phase. Yes, depending on how you approach training him. As I already mentioned, you must first be patient, but eventually you will see improvements in your dog’s behavior that will show that all of your time and effort was justified.

So, before you start praising your dog when he obeys your commands with goodies, congratulations, or affection, you must first gain his trust. If you give your dog affection and praise as he completes a task, he will feel motivated and work harder the next time.

You will learn how to achieve all of this in this course, starting with building your dog’s trust so that he or she will progressively accept your directions and progressing easily and steadily from easy activities to more challenging ones.

The misconception that elderly dogs can’t learn new skills was disproved by Adrienne Farricelli in her book Brain Training for Dogs. She gave us a demonstration of some cutting-edge strategies and approaches for training elderly dogs. (Just like with Heidi)

The techniques used by Adrienne Farricelli, in my opinion, are the best in the world and are simply amazing. Her pleasant attitude will enchant you, and judging by the fact that dogs are drawn to her, they probably are as well. To watch her video, click here.

Now we have the Ultimate Main Question.

How successful is this program for training dogs?

The simple answer is that yes, it functions. Heidi has undergone significant changes since she was an aggressive female dog. She no longer intentionally bites me; instead, she now plays with me since she is well aware of my feelings and what her owner wants from her.

Both her intelligence and composure have increased. I’ll go into more depth regarding Heidi and the startling information I provided at the article’s commencement.

Yes, I thought this course was beneficial. This makes me very happy, and I am sure that anyone who is willing to learn and committed to teaching their dog new skills can accomplish what I achieved.

The author shows you how to train dogs with treats and incentives, and her methods are absolutely exceptional. She will turn you into a capable dog trainer, even if you don’t work in the field full-time.

My Experience with Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Course

So now is the appropriate moment to share my findings with you. The methods and incentives covered in this course helped me persuade Heidi to listen to my directions and follow me when she was initially reluctant to do so. As a result, Heidi no longer bites me or behaves violently with individuals she knows.

She can be made to cease being hostile against someone with only one order from me, even if she tries. That feels great, and I’m glad I chose this period in my life to train Heidi and acquire dog brain training.

Here is a quick video of the two of us after she mastered my orders. Before, anytime I took her on a walk, she would run off, and I had to pull her hard to get her to stop and pay attention. You simply need to view the video below now, though.

Heidi subsequently began to obey my commands without using any rewards. You can see a significant shift in her behavior as a result of training her with Adrienne Farricelli’s dog training techniques.

Brain Training For Dogs can help you train your puppy in all the fundamental obedience commands that a dog needs to learn, in addition to helping you resolve your dog’s behavioral difficulties. The instructions “sit,” “stay,” “recall,” and “stop” are a few examples of these.

Even some agility trainers employ this training to bring out their dogs’ inner intellect, allowing the dogs to listen to their trainer and obey instructions.

How much does training the dog brain cost?

I’m now reading a range of dog training books written by different authors. These publications are priced between $15 and $20.

Even though many of the training methods were similar, each of these publications had something unique to offer. After that, I even registered for a number of online dog training services, some of which are quite great.

They may charge $25 to $50 in monthly fees. Now, one thing I don’t like about these membership systems is that I have to pay a monthly fee.

That is not at all the case with Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs, though. You may access training tips and helpful videos on the same website for just one one-time charge. The rest of my LIFE will be spent like this.

You can purchase lifelong access to Brain Training for Dogs for for 47 dollars. This was the thing I loved the most. You can train your dog effectively and affordably.

? Check Out Brain Training for Dogs

The Program’s Benefits for Training Dogs

  • As I already indicated, this training uses only positive reinforcement approaches; as a result, it is force-free, which is a benefit for this brain training.
  • With ten years of expertise, the author of this instruction is a certified professional dog trainer. Many thousands of dogs, both young and old, have been trained by her. As a result, she has a wide variety of ways and tactics for teaching your dog to behave properly.
  • Anyone who has a dog and wants to train it can quickly pick up the methods covered in Brain Training 4 Dogs because this training is so easy to understand.
  • Adrienne Farricelli has offered a variety of helpful data and content on dog training in the form of PDFs and videos. You won’t get bored reading about her techniques and how she manages dogs.
  • They offer a Money Back Guarantee, which entitles dissatisfied customers to a return. The buyer is ensured to get exactly what she wants by doing this and nothing else. Then, what keeps you from enrolling in this course?

The Program’s Drawbacks for Training Dogs

  • For individuals who are not used to reading books, reading so much content would be a tedious chore, but since there are videos available, this is not a significant problem. If you’re looking for a Comprehensive Video Training Program, check out Doggy Dan’s review of The Online Dog Trainer.

The ebook Brain Training for Dogs’s conclusion

I just used Brain Training 4 Dogs Training to help me with the behavioral problems that my dog Heidi was having. If I, a working mother with other commitments, can do it, anyone with a little bit of patience and effort can.

I would strongly advise you to get this program if you are serious about teaching your dog, eliminating his “bad behaviors,” or making him into a “good boy.” I’ve already shown you my findings, and I’m eager to see what you come up with. Kindly post a comment below.

Whatever your dog’s training objectives may be, this course is going to change the game. So why does it not demonstrate to be? Adrienne has accumulated a plethora of knowledge and cutting-edge training techniques over the course of her ten-year professional career, which she has made available in her dog training curriculum.

What stores sell Dog Brain Training?

You may get this dog training course with the discount coupon listed below, and I can assure you that the money you spend from your hard-earned money will be well spent.

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