Brain Training For Dogs Review 2022 – Unique Dog Training Course: Brain Dog Training Buy Or Not?

Are you considering buying Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training For Dogs is an online dog training program that uses games and positive reward to mentally challenge your dog and improve your bond with them. Children are more likely to respect you and behave properly if they do this. It has garnered excellent reviews, despite the fact that it tends to divide people.

I recently bought this course to help with my dog’s training, and you can read my full review of it in this article.

What you will learn is this:

  • Benefits and drawbacks of dog brain training
  • Who Shouldn’t Use Dog Brain Training
  • The effectiveness of Brain Training For Dogs
  • A preview of the course curriculum
  • And much more

If you’ve tried to train your dog but failed, or if you can’t handle your dog’s vigor and misbehavior, it’s not your fault.

Most people would suggest that you try filling a bucket with holes with water in order to halt your dog’s unpleasant behavior.

Despite your best efforts, the problem has not been solved.

Brain Training For Dogs actually fixes the problem.

But first, two warnings before we start the review:

The first disclaimer is that I’m biased.

One of the biggest reasons dogs are abandoned is because they are difficult to control.

Lack of education, socializing, or physical and mental exercise are common causes of this.

This is the owner’s fault, not the dog’s.

Because dog training classes can prevent animals from being abandoned, I do have a bias in favor of recommending them.

600 Golden Retriever owners were also surveyed, and I asked them about their training experiences.

Another factor contributing to my inclination in favor of such programs is the fact that 91.5% of people who have paid for an online dog training course said they were satisfied with their purchase.

I’ll be quite front with you and let you know what I thought of Brain Training For Dogs as well as what I didn’t.

The second warning is that if you purchase the course using one of the affiliate links in this article, I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Now that the boring stuff is over, let’s begin the review!

What Does Training the Dog Brain Entail?

Review of Brain Training for Dogs: Cost, Efficacy, and Legality

Brain Training For Dogs is the name of an online dog training program.

It starts with teaching your dog the fundamentals of obedience before going on to brainteasers so they can be mentally stimulated while connecting with you, listening to you, and picking up appropriate conduct.

Despite some controversy (which we’ll discuss later), it has many happy customers (including myself).

Why Dog Brain Training Is Effective

Because it targets the root reasons of your dog’s problems, Brain Training For Dogs is beneficial.

A further issue is that the majority of dogs just become bored.

They have a lot of energy and are smarter than we give them credit for.

However, when they are left alone at home all day without a challenge or another method to burn off some of their mental energy, they start to act out.

Think about a small child. ..

When toddlers are bored or don’t receive enough attention, they begin to misbehave and cause trouble.

Dogs also go through the same scenario.

The games in Brain Training for Dogs will put your dog to the test while also fostering a pleasurable relationship between you two.

Visit this link to learn more about Brain Training For Dogs.

Who Can Benefit from Dog Brain Training?

Brain Training For Dogs should be used by dog breed-specific owners.

It’s for someone who enjoys training their dog and helping them become the best dogs they can be.

It is for those who value their dogs, want to help them grow, and want to train them to want to behave.

Brain Training for Dogs can help prevent the following behaviors:

  • Biting
  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Keeping the leash on
  • Chewing
  • Excessive energy

Oliver, my dog, had a lot of energy, which usually manifested itself in the bad behaviors mentioned above, thus this approach was perfect for him.

He developed confidence and a good outlet for his mental energy through the activities in this course, and we both loved studying together.

And since I was a pro at these games, I knew precisely what to do, when to do it, and how to play them, it was perfect for me.

I had a tried-and-true procedure to follow rather than winging training and activities and hope they were successful.

You may learn more about who this course is for and the benefits of Brain Training For Dogs in the list of advantages that follows.

Who should NOT undergo dog brain training

Despite the fact that Brain Training For Dogs is excellent, not everyone will like it.

If you want to send your dog to a bootcamp and have them return properly trained, this isn’t for you.

(By the way, if you don’t know what they did to help your dog behave, that doesn’t work.)

If you want to scare your dog into obeying you because you are the pack leader and want to dominate them, this isn’t for you.

Your dog may not be a good candidate for Brain Training For Dogs in addition to the two categories of individuals described above.

If your dog has a major behavioral issue, such as aggression, anxiety, reactivity, or resource guarding, you would be better off hiring a professional to work with you one-on-one.

Brain Training For Dogs can help with minor behavioral issues and reduce some mental tension, but significant behavioral issues require one-on-one attention.

Suited additional information on who this training is not for, see the Brain Training For Dogs drawbacks section below.

Benefits of Dog Brain Training

The following benefits of brain training for dogs include:

  • The order is correct. First, simple obedience is taught; later, the lessons and exercises become more difficult.
  • It makes use of text. The readers will appreciate this course.
  • Each section includes a troubleshooting section to assist you with common problems you can run across when using these classes.
  • It’s entertaining. It is a collection of games that develops your bond with your dog, teaches them acceptable behavior, and gives them fun.
  •  It is affordable. It only costs $47, which is about the same as a few toys.
  • It is effective! I put the games from the course into practice, and they were successful in calming down and improving the behavior of my excitable Golden Retriever.

Visit this link to learn more about Brain Training For Dogs.

Cons of Dog Brain Training

  • It makes use of text. Even though I included it as a benefit, if you prefer video courses, this course might not be for you. (If you’d want to learn through videos, check out this evaluation of an online dog training program.)
  • It doesn’t provide suggestions for dealing with specific problems. This course tackles the majority of canine behavior concerns, so even while you won’t receive specialist training on how to manage particular difficulties, they will usually go away on their own.
  • Lessons that teach simple tricks are not taught. If you want to learn how to train your dog to roll over or spin, this is not the right course for you.

Canine brain training: Is it a scam?

Brain Training For Dogs is the name of one of the more divisive canine training methods available.

It’s not the instructor or the course material; rather, it’s the way it’s marketed.

Because they get compensated when they bring in customers, many online marketers are promoting it.

You’ll come across a lot of blog posts and adverts trying to sell you this course because, as the saying goes, marketers ruin everything.

As you’ve probably noticed, this isn’t a blatant sales pitch; rather, it’s an honest evaluation provided by a person who really purchased the course, successfully trained their dog, and noted both its advantages and disadvantages.

Why can’t I just get my dog some free online training?

Yes, you could visit YouTube University and spend hours watching tutorials to learn how to train your dog, but there are a few drawbacks to that.

To begin with, it takes a long time.

In blog posts and YouTube videos, there is a lot of filler that is meant to keep you interested and entertained.

Additionally, it takes too long to find a trainer you like and videos that address the problem you’re now having.

Online dog training resources like Brain Training For Dogs give clear, step-by-step instructions.

Additionally, there are many different trainers that offer instruction in a number of ways.

You run the risk of ruining all of your hard work if you combine different training techniques, some of which are helpful and some of which are destructive.

Consider the scenario when a trainer suggests you touch your dog on the snout to get them to stop biting.

Another professional suggests that you place a treat in front of your puppy’s face to get them to sit.

Well, if you repeatedly tap your dog on the nose, they may not cooperate when you ask them to sit because they will associate your hand being close to their face with pain.

While you might deter them from biting you, there’s a chance that you’ll undermine your pup’s luring training.

I’ll ask one final question: “Has it worked for you yet?”

I’m going to presume that since you are reading this, you are still having problems with either your training or your behavior.

If a program like Brain Training For Dogs hasn’t yet been effective, I suggest investing money in it.

Who Is Adrienne Farricelli?

Adrienne Farricelli is the creator of Brain Training For Dogs and a CPDT-KA licensed dog trainer.

She has received certification from the CPDT-KA, or Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, organization of professional dog trainers.

The names of Adrienne’s two rottweilers are Einstein and Petra.

Since Einstein is covered in the entire course:

  1. She demonstrates the wisdom she imparts.
  2. It is successful.


An Inside Look At The Dog Brain Training Method

There are two major sections to the Brain Training for Dogs course:

The first portion discusses the basics of obedience.

It should be obvious what this section’s main goal is: teaching your dog to comprehend all the essential commands.

This area is perfect for new dog or puppy owners who are just starting to train their pet.

The next element is brain training.

This is where the course’s real value can be found.

Your relationship will be strengthened and your dog’s mental stimulation will be maintained, preventing misbehavior.

It starts with easy cognitive tasks like having your dog touch something with their nose and look you in the eye.

The tutorials guide you step-by-step until you can play the piano and put up your own toys!

Click here to view the whole Brain Training For Dogs program.

FAQ Regarding Dog Brain Training

Here is a selection of the most frequently asked questions about brain training for dogs.

How much does it cost?

Brain Training For Dogs is priced at $47.50.

This costs roughly the same as a few toys and is considerably less expensive than replacing a pair of shoes that were destroyed by a dog with a chewing problem.

Is it legal to train dogs’ brains?

A real business exists called Brain Training For Dogs. It is offered by a certified dog trainer who uses games and positive reinforcement to teach your dog appropriate behavior.

Does Brain Training for Dogs Actually Work?

With challenging brain activities, Thinking Training For Dogs intellectually stimulates your dog.

Your dog is less likely to desire to indulge in unwanted behaviors like chewing, barking, jumping, or digging when they are mentally content.

It also strengthens your bond with your dog and makes them more attentive to your orders.

Is My (Specific Breed) Benefitting from Braining for Dogs?

Dogs of all breeds can gain from cognitive training.

The games make no requirements regarding the size or level of athleticism of your dog.

Any dog can carry out these mental exercises with little (if any) additional equipment.

How to Train Your Dog’s Brain

This website provides information about brain training for dogs:

Click here to view the whole Brain Training For Dogs program.