Brain Training for Dogs Review – Don’t Buy Until You Watch This‎ – Turn Your Dog into a Genius!

I think a dog is the perfect companion. We’d never be without at least one of the seven people I’ve had the good fortune to share my life with so far. Nothing brings more joy than having a dog lick your cheek, run to greet you, or wag his tail.

That does not, however, imply that they are perfect little angels. They are anything but; in fact, they often work against you. I’ll never forget returning home to find my collie had completely wrecked our brand-new chair. When you’re playing, my present sweetheart has a habit of grabbing your hand. Although it isn’t a problem for us, it means I can’t let him play with children or visitors because people frequently worry that he’ll bite them. Using this training, I was able to break him of that bad behavior.

He frequently runs around your legs when you get home. When we receive people who are really young or elderly, it could be rather dangerous. I also have no idea how many times he has declined to accompany us on our strolls. It is really dangerous to walk close to busy roads. Additionally, it was time to take action, and BrainTrainingForDogs has shown to be highly effective.

You can easily benefit in the same way that we have with your dog. What you can expect from this excellent book on dog training and pet care is summarized here.

A quick summary of your teacher

It’s encouraging that a seasoned dog trainer created this program. Dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli has held her CPDT-KA certification since 2006.


Adrienne uses her excellent course material to show how to QUICKLY eradicate any behavioral issue, regardless of how terrible you consider the issue to be or how deeply ingrained the behavior is.

Every dog, without exception, has a hidden intelligence.

It’s an underutilized tool that can help you stop practically any troublesome behavior.

Adrienne Farricelli, CPDT-KA Certified Dog Trainer, wrote Brain Training for Dogs.

Training that addresses the root causes of any dog’s behavioral issues

Similar to people, dogs can be educated to behave well under stress, but they also have a propensity to revert to their “type,” which takes over when they are overexcited, under stress, or feel threatened. Then they revert to their previous behaviors and begin acting carelessly or irresponsibly.

Adrienne adopts a unique strategy. She does more than just tape the problem shut. Her training focuses on the underlying reasons of improper behavior. enhancing your bond with your pet and contributing to their happiness.

A form of pet training that is soft

Adrienne employs a non-coercive training approach, which is significant because it is important to me and many other dog owners. She doesn’t terrify anyone. To teach your dog to stop jumping on the couch when you don’t want them to, you may, for example, rattle a can of pennies.

I liked this approach. Actually, I found that it also had a calming impact on me. When I was training my dog, I got into the habit of thinking back on how I felt and acted at different periods of the day.

What the curriculum includes

Despite the abundance of online video courses, this is much more than that. An email containing a link to the member’s area will be sent to you after your payment has been processed. Your membership entitles you to

  • Adrienne leads you through each exercise and activity step-by-step using her own dogs and two that she had previously trained in dozens of easy-to-follow videos. She sets out exactly what you need to do without spending much time going back and forth. then demonstrates how to achieve it. Her films are short enough to be watched in quick bursts while drinking coffee.
  • Two great PDFs on dog training – I like learning from PDFs because it makes it easier for me to search for information afterwards. Instead of searching through movies once more to try to discover what I need, it is much better for me. The two dog training PDFs that are included with this course are both excellent.
  • Adrienne has written over 100 in-depth essays on a variety of subjects. She regularly updates and adds new articles in response to brand-new research in the area of canine behavior and health.
  • Adrienne reviews new dog toys and other things when they are released on the market. She can assist you in determining whether it is a smart idea to buy an automatic ball thrower for your dog by providing reviews of the newest gadgets, equipment, and kit. If you do decide to buy one, you may compare your alternatives and select the top ball thrower by clicking here.
  • Case studies: Even though I didn’t use this information for myself, reading about issues that other owners were able to fix was interesting. to discover Adrienne’s approach to handling the more challenging issues.
  • Having the opportunity to consult a qualified dog trainer; in particular, I value Adrienne’s and her staff’s accessibility to questions. They genuinely respond and provide supportive advice that is tailored to your needs.
  • If you want to discuss a problem with other owners, you can do so swiftly through their user forum. Speaking with others of your breed is especially exciting.

How the directions are broken up into manageable chunks


Unlike some other course providers, Adrienne has provided instruction that covers every breed of dog. She also examines and addresses the needs of each age group, type, and temperament in other areas, which is significant. She generally achieves this by segmenting the member’s region into the following distinct sections:

  • Raising puppies
  • Usual dog training
  • Fixing behavioral problems
  • Teaching your dog new tricks

Throughout these sessions, she constantly provides advice on how to strengthen your bond with your dog. teaching you how to support your dogs as they gradually learn new skills. boosting their capacity to learn more by steadily raising their IQ.

Dog behavior instruction

I was particularly interested in this piece because my dog is already 11 years old. Additionally, because he was a rescue dog, we spoilt him and let him develop certain bad tendencies. During her instruction, Adrienne made it clear how to handle each of them. A list of the behavioral issues that BrainTrainingForDogs can assist you with is provided below:

  • Extraneous barking
  • Exercising initiative
  • Refusal to answer when contacted
  • Impossible to follow simple directions
  • Aggression
  • Chewing
  • Constant digging
  • Jumping up and down at you and other people (see the video below – I followed it exactly and it worked. It only took me about an hour to break my dog of this habit.)
  • Whining and howling
  • Constantly demanding attention
  • Biting
  • Inappropriately cleaning or urinating
  • Hyperactivity
  • A lack of self-control
  • A number of mental illnesses

There’s a lot there, and I’m pretty sure I missed some of it. The training principles you learn from Adrienne can be used to solve any canine issues you, your friends, or family may be experiencing.

The best aspect of this course is Adrienne’s opposition to a one-size-fits-all approach. She is aware that every dog is different. that their present circumstances and way of life have a significant impact on how people behave.

For example, some dogs continuously bark inappropriately. Others will only do so under certain circumstances. Maybe only at the neighbors or when the doorbell rings. You could think that because these situations appear to be same, you can use a single training technique to handle them all. Your dog’s barking, however, is often not brought on by any of those situations. You need to use two alternative strategies to get your dog to quit barking inconveniently.

Have fun teaching your dog new tricks while playing interesting games with them.

To keep them from getting bored and to strengthen your bond with them, teach your dog 21 new tricks.

Play is a great way to help your dog grow mentally and physically. Dogs enjoy learning new tricks and doing them for their owners because they are devoted to them. Adrienne gives instructions on how to teach your dog to:

  • Hurt your head
  • Close your eyes
  • Shake hands
  • Dance
  • Lie down dead
  • Rollover
  • Correctly stacked rings
  •  and much more.

If you’d like, you can build on what they’ve learned and teach them new abilities.

Adrienne has also created exercises that are meant to engage dogs and foster their intelligence. My dog especially enjoys playing the airplane game. It is a great way for me to workout and a lot of fun. I swear my own agility and balance have improved since we started doing it.

Who is BrainTraining4Dogs designed for?

Personally, I believe that this course should be required for anybody who has a dog. I think the following, based on what I have read, seen, and experienced:

  • Any dog breed
  • Every age group, including newborn puppies and the elderly
  • Every kind of owner
  • Dogs with behavioral problems
  • Nervous dogs
  • Spirited dogs
  • Any dog who likes to play and learn new tricks
  • Puppies

Any temperament of dog will benefit from finishing the training.

Why I recommend undergoing this training

This course was top-notch, and I wholeheartedly endorse it. Teaching your dog in this way is suitable since most dog owners desire to have loving and fun interactions with their pets.

Click here to view the whole Brain Training For Dogs program.