Can A Dog Be Too Old To Be Neutered: When Should You Neuter Your Male Dog?


When Should You Neuter Your Male Dog?

There are numerous health benefits to neutering your male dog. The procedure also aids in the prevention of pet homelessness. Working with our Tucson veterinarian can help you figure out what’s best for your pet.

Neutering’s Advantages

Prostate and testicular cancer can be avoided by neutering your male dog. It may also reduce the likelihood of your male dog running away from home. Males who have not been neutered will go to any length to find a mate, and if they manage to get away, they will gladly risk fights with other animals or injury in traffic. A neutered male might also be more obedient. He is not going to mark his territory or mount inanimate objects, people, or other dogs. Early neutering can also help with aggression problems. It’s also a good deal because the procedure costs a lot less than taking care of a whole litter of puppies.

When Should You Neuter?

Six to nine months is the traditional age for neutering. Puppies as young as eight weeks old can be neutered if there are no other health problems. Adult dogs can be neutered at any time, but complications are more likely. Complications are more likely in older dogs, dogs with health issues, and overweight dogs.

After the Neuter Procedure, How to Care for Your Pet

Our veterinary clinic will give you pre-surgical instructions that you should follow. Your dog will require proper nutrition, and your veterinarian may advise against withholding food. Follow the post-operative instructions as well. Although there may be some discomfort following surgery, our veterinarian can assist you with pain management. You should keep your pet in a quiet place away from other animals to ensure a comfortable recovery. For two weeks, you may need to keep your dog from jumping and running. You should also avoid licking, as this can lead to infection. Make sure the incision is healing properly on a daily basis.