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Easily one of the most annoying behaviors of having a new dog is nipping and chewing. I’m here with one of Cesar’s ways, head trainer Todd Langston, to show us how to tweak this annoying behavior in the bud. How do we prevent chewing or biting that might be the two behaviors that dog owners end up being the most frustrated with of all? Let’S start with nipping is a natural instinctive behavior for a dog because when they’re young, they explore the world with their mouths, they pick things up, they feel the texture of it. They get the smell of it, the taste of it, and that’s a natural behavior.

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For them, if a puppy walks up to another puppy, it nips it too hard in play or just in any interaction. The puppy that got bitten he’s going to Yelp, and what that sound does. Is it communicates to this one here that that wasn’t? Okay, you can do the same thing. You can make a yelping sound like, hey, you wait for the puppy to calm back down, and you go back in, and you interact with them again. If a puppy gets too nippy and they come in and interact with you, they start to nip or grab you.

What you’ll do. Are you redirect him? You can turn them with the toy, or you can redirect them with a piece of food? In this case, I’m using bacon Bacon’s one of the best things you can use because it’s such a powerful smell.

What can people do with puppies that are chewing furniture?

For starters, it’s essential to make sure that your puppy is fulfilled daily. The majority of chewing comes from boredom, so if you occupy your puppy, give him plenty of exercises: lots of stimulation, plenty of chew toys that can often curb the chewing now, some products are available. That can also help you out with bitter apple spray. You spray a little bit on a cotton ball or a little piece of paper, towel, or tissue. You take that cotton ball, and you put it in their mouth.

The reaction of most dogs is going to be to spit it out. The smell gets connected to the bitterness and that negative taste. So, in essence, what it does is. It creates an avoidance of the scent from that point you take the spray, then sprays it in the areas they’re chewing, and you do that every day. For anywhere between two for weeks and what that’s going to do, is it’s going to start to teach the puppy that there’s a negative outcome to chewing on that, and I think the most important thing to remember here is every single time you interact with your dog.

Every single time it’s a learning moment, and a teaching moment, they’re learning we’re teaching. Do you have any recommendations for puppies that are nipping children? What I do is what I call to be a tree. The puppy starts to nip at them. I want the kids to jump up and stop moving, and this way, the puppy learns that there are rules in regards to the children and there are limits to the way they can interact with us.

And I find that very important because nipping puts dogs in the shelter, possibly more than most of the other behaviors; nipping it in the bud, as you said, is a perfect way to fix it. Thanks, Todd, for giving us the tools on how to address This annoying behavior.

Free Dog Obedience Video Course >> LEARN MORE


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