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Bichon Frise Training Guide – Bichon Frise Training: Obedience Training!

Bichon Frise Training Guide - Bichon Frise Training: Obedience Training

Bichon Frise – the curly lap dog is a cute and small dog. Bichons are extremely intelligent and you will really feel proud to own one. After the French revolution, these dogs ended up on the streets as their royal masters were dethroned. Then, these dogs were caught and were used in the circus to do tricks. Nowadays, farmers in Norway are using these dogs for rounding up sheep. Bichon Frise Obedience Training is important as only […]

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How Do You Train a German Shepherd Puppy to Obedience?

german shepherd training guide

German Shepherd Training Guide German Shepherds are excellent guard dogs and are highly intelligent. They are brilliant protectors and barks when someone unfamiliar approaches. They are always loyal to the family and they are good family pets. They also guard the children of their family and also tolerate the prodding and poking of children. But, sometimes they may knock smaller children as they are unaware f the power and size of children. So, proper German Shepherd Obedience […]

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Top 10 Easiest To Train Dog Breeds

top ten easiest to train dog breeds papillon

Here is a list of the top ten easiest to train dog breeds. These ten dog breeds are very intelligent and learn new commands very quickly. Which makes them easier to train than all other breeds. Keep in mind that any dog can be trained — no matter what the breed. If your dog is not one of these fast learning breeds, don’t despair, your dog can still be trained to learn anything any of these dogs can learn! […]

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