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Tips for Teaching Your Dog Not to Bite


The usage of teeth should be heavily emphasized during a puppy’s early education. Although mouthing and biting are common puppy behaviors, it’s important that dogs learn to use their mouths carefully. The majority of us stop the action as soon as we feel the puppy’s razor-sharp fangs piercing us. Don’t! Before you can educate your puppy not to bite, you must first teach it that when it does bite, it should do so softly and without exerting […]

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How to Make Your Dog Stand Straight


Teaching your dog to “stand” when asked is really beneficial. This basic command tells your dog to remain still while standing on all four paws. Learning how to train a dog to stand will be useful when you need your dog to stand up so that it may be checked or groomed, whether by you or someone else. Additionally, it provides a strong basis for more difficult obedience training. Furthermore, it’s essential if you want to show […]

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10 Guidelines for Training Your Dog


Congratulations on your new pet! If this is your first dog, welcome to the delightful world of dog ownership. Puppies require a lot of work despite being a lot of joy. One of the most important things a dog needs to thrive is proper training. Training a puppy can seem intimidating. A puppy that is young has a lot to learn. Don’t worry! These tips can help you manage puppy training so that your new pet becomes […]

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How to Train Your Dog from a Rescue or Shelter


If you recently acquired a dog from a shelter, rescue group, or other organization, congratulations! Adopted dogs from dog shelters or animal rescue organizations can make wonderful pets. Whatever the reason, with a little time, patience, and guidance, shelter dogs can be trained to become lovable, well-behaved family members. Training your rescue dog will be the most crucial step. But is it harder to train rescue dogs? Really depends. Your recently adopted dog might already have some […]

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4 Month Old Puppy Crate Training Schedule


Crate Training for a Four-Month-Old Puppy How long can a four-month-old dog be confined in a crate? A four-month-old baby might be able to last three to five hours. Even adult dogs should not be crated for more than nine hours at a time. Puppies who are still learning to housebreak may require more frequent breaks. Puppies under the age of six months will require a bathroom break in the middle of the day. What is the […]

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