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How To Train My German Shepherd Like A Police Dog


How to Train a German Shepherd to Work as a Police Dog Introduction Throughout history, man has partnered with the dog for a number of tasks since the domestication of the wolf. Dogs can be guardians, herders, athletes, or just companions. The police K9 unit, which consists of a team of both officers and specially trained dogs who fill one or more roles, is the best example of humans and dogs working together. They work together, using […]

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How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy At Home

What is the Best Way to Train a German Shepherd? Few dogs can match the German Shepherd’s grace and majesty. They are also working dogs who enjoy learning, in addition to being one of the most loyal dog breeds. German Shepherds are very adaptable and easy to train because they are smart, athletic, and eager to please. Training a German Shepherd Puppy (Method 1) 1. Start your training around the age of eight weeks.Despite the fact that […]

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How To Train A Puppy Not To Jump On You


What’s the best way to teach a puppy not to jump on you? When a puppy jumps on you, what does it mean? When a dog is stressed or unsure of themselves in the presence of an unfamiliar person, they may jump on them. This is a means for regaining control and asserting dominance over a new pack member. Your dog may become a jumper if he or she has a lot of pent-up energy and gets […]

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Tips For Training A Golden Retriever Puppy


Five Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tips: Golden Retriever puppies require training due to their boundless energy, playful nature, and need for mental stimulation, though this can be a difficult task! Our team of professional dog trainers in Chicago and the surrounding areas understands what it takes to turn your puppy into the ideal family pet. Stacy McGowan and her family brought their Golden Retriever to us because she was causing them a lot of grief. Stacy says […]

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How To Put On Kong Dog Harness


How to Put a Dog Harness on a Kong Want to take your dog for a walk without dragging him around with a collar around his neck? Your best bet is a Kong dog harness. A dog harness is a gentle way to maintain full control over all types of dogs without making them feel restricted. It gives you more control and security while also providing excellent comfort for your dog. You may now be wondering how […]

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