German Shepherd Puppy Biting Aggressive: 10 Ways to Stop German Shepherd Puppies’ Aggressive Biting

German Shepherd Puppy Biting Aggressive: 10 Ways to Stop German Shepherd Puppies’ Aggressive Biting

Are you at the end of your rope and don’t know how to stop your German Shepherd puppy from biting you right away?

Don’t let their annoying nipping ruin your previously happy relationship!

Take back control of their behavior with these simple and effective solutions to stop German Shepherd from biting.

German Shepherd Puppy Biting Aggressive:


1. Play with unique toys

German Shepherd Puppy Biting Aggressive

When playing with your German Shepherd, always use special toys so they know what’s appropriate to bite.

When you play with your puppy, toys are helpful because they keep your fingers away from their teeth.

Even better, have a set of toys that you only use when you’re playing with your puppy. After your game of play, but these toys in a basket or box.

This distinguishes them from the rest.

They are in your possession, and your dog must return them to you. Biting special toys is more fun for your dog than biting you.

If you’re not sure what kind of toy your dog would enjoy, look through this list of interactive toy ideas for German Shepherds.

2. Say “OUCH!”

german shepherd puppy biting phase

Say “Ouch” or whatever word means “it hurts” to your GSD instead of squealing or yipping.

When your pup bites you, say “ouch” loudly.

When done correctly, this simple technique attracts the attention of many puppies and can train a German Shepherd puppy not to bite you.

You could also make a YIP sound, similar to how their younger siblings would yip when they were playing too rough.

To stop a German Shepherd puppy from biting you, follow these steps:

  • Allow your dog to play with his or her toys, but whenever they chew or nip, give a sharp “OUCH” or a high-pitched yelp.
  • Not only does this catch their attention, but it’s also similar to the feedback they’d get from their littermates during play.
  • Say OUCH again if they continue to bite and nip, then get up and leave the room for a few moments.
  • Return to play, but repeat this simple procedure until they learn to keep their teeth on their toys.
  • Any biting, nipping, chewing, or teeth-to-skin contact puts a halt to play.

Even if your dog makes a cute face or gesture at you, don’t laugh or smile during this process.

This will only encourage them to continue with their undesirable behavior.

This method won’t work right away, so keep at it until they get it. Then, move on to the other training methods we’ll talk about later.

Use this guide on how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy without using force.

3. Install Puppy-Friendly Partition Gates

German Shepherd Puppy Biting Aggressive

Use only pet-safe partition gates that are high enough to prevent your German Shepherd from jumping over them.

If your dog bites you and your family when you walk by, you can keep it in a pen or this German Shepherd-sized pet-safe partition gate.

Use pet-safe partition gates that are high enough to continue and prevent your German Shepherd from jumping over to try to bite you again.

Use the items to keep your dog calm and out of areas where they might become excited and bite or nip you during busy times in your home.

Reward them and tell them “good dog” when they remain calm in their exercise pen or behind their baby gate. Allow them out only when they are behaving calmly, such as lying down quietly or sitting quietly.

You’ll encourage them to stay in an excited mental state if you let them out while they’re whining or excited, which will increase nipping and biting.

4. give them frozen Kongs

german shepherd puppy attacks me

If you have a German Shepherd puppy, make sure to get the large Kong classic to help them with teething.

When puppies’ teeth are coming in, they bite and chew. They do this to help themselves relax and relieve pain.

Freeze a large Kong filled with their favorite treats and kibble for times when your dog is behaving badly and biting you.

Give them a Kong to chew on to relieve their sore gums.

Even better, when you give your dog the toy, say “KONG” to help them learn the word. When they bite and nip you, say “KONG” and see if they follow you to the freezer or race you there after a few repetitions of saying the cue word.

Your German Shepherd will enjoy chewing on a frozen Kong even if they aren’t teething. Chewing has also been shown to help dogs relax and calm down.

So, offering a Kong is a no-brainer…

Instead of chewing with your fingers and hands.

5. Put Redirections in Place

how to discipline a german shepherd puppy

A redirection directs your biting dog to a more appropriate activity.

Redirections are things you can do to show your dog what the right thing to do is and stop them from doing something they shouldn’t.

For instance:

  • If your dog bites you, replace it with a teething toy.
  • If your dog jumps on you and starts biting your hands or ankles, look for a Kong to give them to chew on.
  • If they’re chasing you and nipping at your ankles, find their rope chew toy and encourage them to chew on it instead.

The goal is for your dog to eventually do good things more often when you use their approved toys instead of your fingers or hands.

Squeaky toys, such as this one that continues to squeak even after being punctured, are great for diverting your dog’s attention away from your hand. These redirection toys differ from the special toys (mentioned above) in that you leave them out for your dog to chew on for the majority of the time.

They’re lying around and are used to redirect your dog when he bites you too hard. So make sure they’re close by!

6. Put your leadership skills to work every day.

german shepherd puppy snaps at me

How many times a day do you teach your German Shepherd to offer your leadership and listen to you?

Daily interactions can be an effective way to teach your dog leadership skills.

For instance,

  • Only feed your pup after you’ve eaten, and make sure they sit before eating.
  • If you’re having trouble with aggressive biting, don’t let your dog sleep in your bed because it may teach them that they’re on the same level as you.
  • Before taking them for a walk or exiting a door, have them sit.

While these will not stop your puppy from biting, they will help you communicate your leadership to your dog. Your dog is more likely to respect your discipline if they see you as a confident leader.

Easy German Shepherd Training at Home will teach you how to get your dog to start behaving (Step-by-Step Obedience).

7. Take a Calm Approach

german shepherd puppy biting ankles

If you ignore your German Shepherd, you don’t pay attention to it when it acts up and bites you.

By responding to mouthing or aggressive biting, you are rewarding it. Ignore them completely.

If you don’t want to say no to your puppy or the ouch method didn’t work, you can choose this option.

Ignore them by walking away and into another room, remaining silent and avoiding eye contact. Only interact with them and return to them when they exhibit calming behaviors.

Our dogs adore receiving our attention.

German Shepherds covet it!

You can influence your dog’s decisions by withholding any attention, even reprimands.

8. Participate in a structured workout

1 year old german shepherd biting

Don’t forget to exercise your German Shepherd in ways that are both safe and allow them to release their pent-up energy.

Make sure your dog gets enough exercise so they don’t have the energy to bite or engage in destructive behavior.

A dog that is too fat and doesn’t get enough exercise may do bad things because it is boring and doesn’t have enough energy to burn.

Get off the couch and go for a walk or sniff party outside. The bones of a German Shepherd puppy don’t fully fuse until they’re 12 to 18 months old, so choose your exercises carefully.

Exercise that is stimulating is not necessarily high-intensity exercise.

Low-impact activities and free-running (running without a leash) are ideal. To keep your German Shepherd puppy healthy and well behaved, choose from a list of fun and gentle, age-appropriate puppy exercises.

9. Do not engage in rough play.

german shepherd puppy behavior

Playing rough with your German Shepherd puppy can excite them too much.

Stop roughhousing with your dog before it becomes a source of frustration for them.

Instead of play sessions, use appropriate, puppy-safe toys. Your pup will be able to bite the toy rather than your fingers, hands, or arms.

You can also put your GSD under stress by engaging in rough play. Your dog may bite you in order to keep up with the game or to prevent you from playing too rough.

Do not become enraged, yell at them, or punish them.

Avoid any play that involves mouthing or teeth on the skin from the start. Use toys to give your dog something to bite to let off steam…

You won’t be nipped!

10. Teach impulse control.

German Shepherd Puppy Biting Aggressive

Games can teach your German Shepherd impulse control as well as be entertaining.

Puppies adore games, particularly when you are the game’s teacher and leader.

This game is also beneficial because it teaches your dog valuable life skills.

Practice your game by:

  • daily, multiple times
  • each time for 2 to 3 minutes.

During the game, your pup learns impulse control, which translates to their ability to stop biting you.

The simple instructions are listed below.

Teach Your German Shepherd Calming Behaviors with the Rev Up and Cool Down Game

By using impulse control, the Rev Up and Cool Down game can teach your German Shepherd to stop biting you.
If your dog becomes overly excited and bites, teach them the Rev Up and Cool Down game.

1. Begin by running a few steps (it’s fun for your puppy to chase you).
2. After a few running steps and before your pup gets too excited, slow down and walk slowly.
3. Don’t even look at your dog. Continue to walk slowly until your dog follows suit. Take a few more calm and peaceful steps when you see them slow down. Then click and treat them, or say “yes” or “good dog” and treat them.
Steps one through three should be repeated. Your dog should slow down faster and faster each time.
5. Incorporate any of these basic German Shepherd commands that your puppy knows into the training to make it more interesting and fun. (The above link also explains how to teach more than ten commands!)

The goal of the Rev Up and Cool Down games is to teach them how to calm down and stop nipping and biting you.

How to Stop a German Shepherd Puppy from Biting Aggressively
Learning how to stop your German Shepherd puppy from biting and nipping can increase your dog’s relationship with him.

If you keep letting your dog act like this, you will lose control and leadership in your own home.

You must keep your pup physically active, mentally stimulated, and show calming behavior.

Be fair and considerate.

When given the direction and commitment they require, a shepherd is a joy to own.

I’ve also found a group of like-minded people who use an online behavior-improvement training program that uses fun games to reinforce good behavior.

The Brain Training for Dogs Program helps dogs improve their behavior by stimulating their minds while they play fun games.

Check it out to learn about all the ways you can save time by training smarter rather than harder.

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