How Do You Train a German Shepherd Puppy to Obedience?

german shepherd training guide

German Shepherd Training Guide

German Shepherds are excellent guard dogs and are highly intelligent. They are brilliant protectors and barks when someone unfamiliar approaches. They are always loyal to the family and they are good family pets. They also guard the children of their family and also tolerate the prodding and poking of children. But, sometimes they may knock smaller children as they are unaware f the power and size of children. So, proper German Shepherd Obedience Training is necessary to keep them under control.

They are a very clever breed and hence require bounty of mental stimulation. German Shepherd Obedience Training is normally easier than training other breeds as they react well to the given commands and also responds to the reward-method training. They effortlessly progress from fundamental obedience training to tracking, agility, personal protection, and rescue work. They are also widely used for various scent work roles like explosive detection, accelerant detection, and narcotics detection. These dogs generally develop a close bond with their trainer and require their company a lot. They get along well with small children to some extent. German Shepherds had to be trained at an early age to prevent unruliness and to increase self-confidence.

German Shepherd Obedience Training also involves taking good care of their coats. They shed profusely and it will be worse during the shedding season. Daily brushing normally helps to combat shedding and they should be bathed occasionally. German Shepherds are loyal and self-confident. Of all the breeds, they are the hardest working. Due to the keen interest in learning, they often are used for police work, in search and rescue missions and to guide the blind. If he is your family pet, then he will be a loving and caring friend. They are a little bit protective of their family and so socializing them is a must to make them behave normally with strangers.

German Shepherds usually likes to be active and always require a job to do. This means during the German Shepherd Obedience Training, you need to keep him an active member of your family and he will enjoy outings with you. At agility contests, he will surely excel as he is smart and always eager to please. There are many types of a German shepherd but their general qualities remain the same. They are strong, large and good looking. Cream, tan, black and white colors of German Shepherds can be usually seen and some dogs with tri-color hair of red or brown are rare to find.

German Shepherd Obedience Training is somewhat easy as they are obedient towards their owners. Due to the strong jaws and teeth, they can be given training to attack. Also, they become aggressive or fearful, if not bred properly. Due to the attacking nature, they are considered dangerous dogs. But, they make great pets for anyone who give them proper obedience training. They are quiet emotional and at times are used as guide dogs. They become upset if they do not given any task and that’s why they are frequently used as rescue dogs.

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