How to Prevent Puppy Accidents: How to Avoid “Accidents” When Potty Training a New Puppy


Puppies are known for having “accidents.” Accidents during puppy potty training are unavoidable in the early stages of training. It’s likely that your new puppy will have several accidents inside your home before he learns to control his bodily functions. What matters most is that you learn how to handle these situations properly so that your new puppy can understand the puppy potty training process.

It’s common for new puppy owners to make mistakes when it comes to handling accidents, but keep in mind that puppies are not human beings. Puppies lack the ability to comprehend cause and effect, particularly when the cause occurs before the effect. Punishing a puppy for an accident is pointless, especially if the accident happened hours or even minutes ago. This will only confuse and frighten the puppy, putting a strain on the bond you are attempting to establish with your new puppy.

Overreacting to Accidents Without Acting

Accident reactions should always be reasonable and not severe, regardless of how bad the accident was. Do not spank or punish your new puppy with harsh punishments such as rubbing the puppy’s nose in his mess. These types of punishments are cruel, and they are not the proper way to raise a puppy. Your new puppy will grow up to be afraid of you and distrustful of you.

You must always keep an eye on your puppy to avoid accidents. As soon as you notice the puppy eliminating or about to eliminate inside the house, give him a proper reprimand. Scratching at the door, whining, or looking uncomfortable are all signs that your puppy is about to relieve himself.

Say something like “Eh-eh!” or “Whoops!” to stop the puppy from eliminating. Another effective way to stop him is to startle him with a loud (but not too loud) noise, which will cause him to immediately stop what he is doing.

In all of these cases, immediately take him outside to complete his elimination and reward him with a dog treat. You want your new puppy to think that going outside to go to the bathroom is rewarded by you.

Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to keep a constant eye on the puppy, and if you are unable to do so, the puppy must be placed in his crate.

How to Stop Your Puppy From Marking an Area

Cleaning up after an accident is important because a puppy’s sense of smell is acute, and he will return to the spot where he previously urinated unless the dog’s urine scent is completely removed.

Simple cleaning products like soap or detergent powder are insufficient. To completely get rid of the smell of dog urine, use specially made stain removers like Nature’s Miracle odor remover spray or Simple Green outdoor odor eliminator and dog odor absorbers like Smells Begone odor absorbing gel jar.

If you didn’t get a pet-specific odor remover before bringing the puppy home, now is a good time to do so. Keep the puppy away from the area after you’ve cleaned up the mess so he doesn’t ingest or come into contact with the cleaning products.