A Surprisingly Simple Way To Stop Your Dog’s Barking At The Front Door

how to stop a dog barking at the front door

Do you have trouble stopping your dog’s barking? Are your friends, family, and neighbors all reluctant to come to your home because your dog will never stop barking at anything that moves? If this is the case, there is a good chance that you run out of ideas on how to stop your dogs barking at the front door. Here are some quick ideas that you can implement today to silence them.

To begin, you must understand that your dog will never stop barking. The best you can hope to accomplish is to prevent them from barking at one time or another. For example, you can get them to stop barking when someone comes to your door or when they are outside. By setting this goal even before you start, you have a realistic expectation of your dog, who will feel as if you really have a goal behind strengthening.

People are talking. The birds are chirping. Dogs bark. It is reasonable that dogs bark. But when a dog’s bark is as constant as his breathing, it’s a major problem. A hyperactive dog barks at anything and everything, including when the doorbell rings.

This is a major concern unless you are a loner and have no friends or are not friendly with the neighbors. It is very embarrassing to have a visitor ringing at your door and your dog stands up against the door, barking warily and repeatedly.

Only a few people would stay and endure the din of your dog. It would be very difficult to spark a conversation with your disturbed dog. This does not take into account the dog that jumps on your visitor and scares him. This type of scenario can be annoying and irritating. It is not easy to stop this type of behavior. But this can be done and requires a process called desensitization.

The process of desensitization involves several steps. And for this to work, your dog needs to understand the simple dog obedience training sitting and heel. If your dog is familiar with these commands, then you can proceed with the following steps.

Step 1

When your dog understands when to sit and hug, it means you can teach your dog to sit away from the door. If he does, reward him with a dog biscuit for his effort and stay seated.

Dogs are intelligent creatures. He knows that every time he meets your expectations, he enjoys. Go to the second stage only when your dog obeys you all the time.

Step 2

This involves teaching your dog to sit directly in front of the door while you open it. If your dog refuses to sit down when you open the door, correct it with a NO command and order him to sit down again. Do it with him on a leash so he can get him back to where he should be.

Step 3

This now involves a person at your door. Tell your dog to sit down. Only allow your visitor to enter if your dog remains seated. If your dog gets up, reprimand with a NO. And still, order to sit down. Note that your visitor does not enter the house until your dog has understood it.

Of course, you practice with someone who follows your dog obedience training. A real visitor will wonder if you missed your appointment with the doctor.

Step 4

When you have successfully completed step 3, finally add the doorbell to the balance. This is the final piece of the puzzle and also the most difficult. When your dog rings at the door and reacts, reprimand him with a NO and tell him to sit or heel when he does it right. Tell him when he hurts and when he does it right.

These steps to prevent a dog from barking at the front door may seem simple to work, but the truth is that when it comes to training a dog, it is often the simplest training methods that work best.