How to Stop a Dog Pulling on Leash from Doggy Dan’s

How to Stop a Dog Pulling on Leash Doggy Dan's

Do you have back or shoulder pain because your doggy walks you?

Have we heard dozens of people say “me, me, me”? Well, it is likely that anyone who reads this has experienced it and if you are reading this now, you are probably currently suffering from pain in a golden doodle that is pulling on a leash.

So, why not train your dog to walk beside you without pulling and enjoying every walk without pain or traction!

The great thing is that it’s not as complicated as you might think! Like most things that need to be mastered, it will take time, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes it can take 5 minutes, as shown by Doggy Dan, expert dog trainer, in the video below.

But let me first explain some of the main mistakes people make when walking their dogs.

We mentioned earlier that there are several tips for walking your dog on a leash so he can walk with you. And if you have a determined dog, you may need to know them all before you can master the walk.

In general, the advice I am going to give you now will really help. So let’s go to training.

The most  vital thing to recall is to keep your dog calm. If your dog is loaded like a rabid bull when you head to the door, like the one in the video, it will be much more difficult to walk calmly on a leash than if he was calm.

So, how can we calm them?

1. Calming Your Dog

Think about your ability to leave the house. You bring the leash and BOOM! Your calm beauty becomes a chaotic tornado. They jump in the air, wagging their tail, going around to ask you to leave the leash. Now, if you simply force and put the leash on them, they become even more rowdy, no!

The reason is simple. You reinforce their excited behavior with a reward, let it go. This behavior becomes more and more awkward as you continue to reward them with what they want. They become more enthusiastic and not less enthusiastic as they can do more walks.

Now think about what happens when you go out. Your Golden doggy is dragging you to the door and out of it and into the street. The same thing happens here as when you put the leash for the first time. They are rewarded for what they do to make it a habit. You reinforce the drawing and excitement behavior and they are even more enthusiastic because it allows them to continue.

So, for the next walk, you plan to try this. Take the dog’s leash and instead of putting it on when they are all excited, wait. As long as they stay crazy, just keep doing what you were and ignore your Doodle antics. Once they have calmed down, put on the leash and if not, just put them away.

This can take a long time and can take several attempts and, in some cases, a longer period. However, your dog will eventually calm down. Once they are calm, you can try again and repeat the process until they are relaxed as you put on the leash.

You can use the same process and repeat it by bringing your dog on the sidewalk. You can wait calmly with your dog on a leash until it calms down before continuing or you can go back and take the leash and hold a few minutes.

You may feel that you are not making progress here. But you have to take time and work on it. It is better to solve the problem now than to let your dog guide you and drag you through the streets of your neighborhood for a decade. You cannot just ignore it, it will not be corrected.

The next step is a basic exercise in which you turn every time your Golden doggy goes on a leash.

2. Change of Direction

You may know where your dog likes to go when you walk, but if you do not remember, just start by going and see which direction he is trying to guide you and go in the opposite direction. If they try to go right, then left. Just turn the direction you want to go. Take a step in that direction. Repeat and repeat until they take note of what you are doing.

On a larger scale, you can change direction and go the other way each time your dog begins to pull on a leash.

When you do this, do it quickly. Do not let your dog shoot you or go far ahead. This exercise puts your dog after you each time. This can take a long time and a lot of practice, but in the end, would you rather walk your dog or walk with your dog?

3.Choose An Appropriate Apparatus

Examine various types of devices available to help you put your dog in the heel. Doggy Dan uses a special harness in which the attachment is placed under the dog’s chin, a leader leash. It is different from the traditional harness where the attachment is on the back and the dog eventually pulls like a sled dog.

4.Do Not Forget The Pack Leaders Leads

A pack leader leads. If you are not the pack leader in the eyes of your dog, he will fight for the place at the front. It’s just their nature. You must learn to become the pack leader and that’s a lesson in itself. This is the basis of Doggy Dan’s training method. On his website, the online dog trainer, he points out that before any training, you must first establish that you are the leader.

5. Lots Of Additional Advice

As we mentioned before, there are many other tips and tricks, like knowing when to pull a little leash without going too far. Knowing when and where to give your dog the time and freedom to sniff and pee is another good tip to know.

If you are looking for training to become the leader in your dog walks, I recommend you check out the Doggy Dan website. The online dog trainer that offers more than 250 videos that answer all kinds of questions related to dog training. It’s a great site with a lot of valuable information. There are presently 7 videos on how to work your dog. They show you how to deal with all the problems and questions you may have about what we talked about. If you enjoy listening to audio books and music while walking your dog, a 30-minute sound is available for you to listen and learn while walking.

We all want to enjoy the time we spend with our dogs, including walking around them. So do not wear it anymore, take control of your dog so you can enjoy a relaxed walk!

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