How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House


How to Prevent Your Yorkie From Pooping and Peeing in Your Home

If you own a Yorkshire Terrier, you know how difficult it is to house train them. The most common issue faced by Yorkie owners is how to stop their dogs from peeing in the house.
If you’re potty training a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, keep in mind that almost any Yorkie can be taught not to pee or poop in the house if you use the right technique.
Remember that your dog will never pee or poop in the house just to annoy you. Even if you think they’re doing it to annoy you, they don’t pee or poop inside the house on purpose.

What Is The Best Way To Housebreak A Yorkie?

First and foremost, consistency in outside potty times is important. If you only take your Yorkie out twice or three times a day, don’t expect it to not pee or poop inside. Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. It’s also important to walk them on a regular basis with the best yorkie harness.
Obviously, your Yorkie must go outside as soon as it wakes up, and it should be taken out again right before bedtime. Take your Yorkie out at least every two hours between these two times. The time can be increased a little as the dog gets the hang of it, but you should use your best judgment here.
When you take your Yorkie outside, he always pees or poops, and you reward him with a treat. Make it clear to your Yorkie that he or she should go outside. When you see your Yorkie relieving himself inside the house, say a firm “No!” and immediately take him outside.
Crate training is another effective housebreaking method. Housebreaking can be done much more quickly and with less effort. A dog does not want to poop in his eating and sleeping areas.
While housebreaking, give your dog a special bed, such as a cardboard box or a beach towel; he may eliminate it at first, but once he realizes that this is his special den, he will avoid soiling it. Your dog can be trained in a week with minimal accidents if you follow the general housebreaking guidelines. You can get him a nice bed once he’s trained; you can find some of the best dog beds for Yorkies on the market.
If your Yorkie is peeing or pooping in a specific area of the house, the odor of the previous urine or poop is most likely still attracting the dog. Remove any remaining odors and thoroughly clean the area.
Last but not least, if your Yorkie is having trouble controlling his bowels, it could be a medical problem that needs to be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Consult a veterinarian if your training methods aren’t working.
When it comes to housebreaking your Yorkie, patience and consistency are essential. Yorkies have a high level of intelligence and can be trained.