How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing Everything

In this article, we are going to be treating how to stop your dog from chewing everything. Dogs are our best friends, they will accompany us throughout their lives, being the most faithful pets we can have. In spite of all this, sometimes they have habits that we do not want in them and that we must cut from the root to avoid greater evils, as for example the one that we are going to deal with in this article.

how to stop your dog from chewing everything

Stopping dogs from chewing is not something that only the best trainers know how to do, but you can do it with a series of tips and tricks that we will tell you in the following lines.

My dog ​​chews everything: Why?

The first thing I want to address with you is the reason why your dog bites the furniture in your house and even other objects such as shoes, clothes, stuffed animals or whatever is within reach. There are several reasons, one of which should be treated first, and especially if you have a puppy in the family, since it will be easier to educate since childhood, than when it is an adult dog.

Dogs instinctively chew everything they can, this action brings them  much pleasure,  relaxes them and makes them happy, so when your pet catches a shoe to chew it, it is not to make your life impossible, but it is for their personal enjoyment. When they are small they also like to do this, just like babies do, who need teachers to relieve the pain of the teeth that are about to come out. When the dog is a little older, they begin to have sharp teeth, this being the reason why they take any object to chew it.

But this is only one reason why they do it, since it is known that when they have just arrived at a new home, dogs need to recognize the land and make it their own in some way. In this way  the dog savors and experiments  with everything that surrounds it. Other possibilities that you should take into account and avoid is that when they get bored, they can call your attention in this way, because they know that, if you scold them for doing this, you are addressing them and they take it as if it is a small game, leading them to doing it again.

In cases of adult dogs, the main reasons they are going to give is that they feel very lonely and this makes them feel very stressed, since they are usually dogs that leave very little of the house and need to burn their energy in some way since they are tremendously hyperactive.

These animals  are active by nature, they need to go out, run, burn all the energy they have inside them, and if they have been locked in a house for a long time without anyone playing with them, what they are going to try is to entertain themselves with anything or expel all that energy, and they do it by biting everything in their path.

It is possible that one of your reactions when you enter the house and see everything broken or bitten is shouting at the angry dog. This is rarely answered by the dog, since he knows from the tone of your voice that you are angry, but he does not understand why these screams or why you have been angry with him. Therefore, it is advisable that you know the exact reason why they do this, if they feel lonely, if they need to sharpen their teeth or need to eliminate stress and energy from their body.


One of the tricks is that you know why he does what he does. Study the signs that he is going to give you, especially if he feels lonely or wants to play, he will show you several times before he starts to bite anything. In this way you can act as you think is better, that is, if the dog feels alone, we advise you to  play with him several hours  a day, give him love and mimes him, since he will thank you very much and we are sure that will not be by chewing anything else if you have it well attended. In case they need to release energy, take them to the street to walk several kilometers. In certain cities, there are areas indicated so that dogs can run loose and in this way burn everything they need so that when they get home they are relaxed and just want to rest.

Another way is to buy several  toys  for them in order to chew. You do not need to go to a pet shop or spend a lot of money on it, since in the bazaars you will find objects with which you can play and the dog will chew, forgetting about the other important stuffs. To teach them much better, whenever they are chewing the object you gave to them congratulate and rejoice, in this way the dog will look for this positive stimulus the next time they want to chew on anything.

As a last resort before asking for the help of a professional, you can find a more effective way for the dog to stop chewing everything you appreciate. On the one hand, it is creating a barrier and, therefore, can only be for certain parts of the house or prevent you from entering a room that has something important for you or of maximum value. On the other hand, in many stores dedicated to the animal world, there are sprays that manage to make the dog stop chewing anything. It is brought to the mouth a horrible taste, very bitter and that they do not like, therefore, they will stop biting

Finally, if everything else fails then the only and appropriate option to stop your dog from chewing everything is to visit a professional and get professional help.