How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Leash

How to stop your dog pulling on the leash? Taking your furry friend out for a leisurely stroll can turn into a tug-of-war if your companion has no leash manners.

Who currently has a sore or weak shoulder from their dog yanking them down the road and pulling them?

Me, me, me, I hear you shout! There are actually millions of people that must endure their walk with their dog rather than enjoy it.

Make sense? And the great thing is it’s not complicated! Just like most things worth mastering it can take a while, but not always. Sometimes it can be a 5-minute turnaround, Doggy Dan, as expert Dog Trainer, illustrates in his video below.


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Now as I mentioned previously there are many tricks so they walk beside you to walking your dog on the leash right. And if you have a determined dog, (and they come in both huge and small size) you may well have to know these before you are able to master the walk.

But generally speaking, the hints I’m about to give you will really help… So let’s get into the training and get cracking.

The most important things to remember would be to keep your dog calm.

So how do we calm them down? I hear you holler…

Ok, fine, I’m getting to it

1. Calming your dog down.

how to stop your dog pulling on the leash

They jump up, tail wagging, rushing around demanding that you put the leash. If you just oblige and put the leash on them they get even more excited!

The reason is straightforward. You are reinforcing their behavior that is excited the lead, with a benefit. So this behavior gets more and more extreme. They become more excited not excited.

The same thing is occurring as your dog then pulls you down the garden route and drags you barging their way through first. All of this is getting your dog an increasing number of excited. When you get onto the trail they are going to be at bursting point!

So next time you take your dog for a walk, take your time. Pick up the leash and after that wait for your dog to calm down. That’s appropriate. Just carry on doing what you’re doing and ignore your dog’s antics. If they don’t calm down just put the leash away or put it on a table.

Your dog will eventually calm, although this may take several efforts, just a little while or fairly a long period. When they may be serene you are able to try again and repeat until they are fully relaxed as you attach the leash. This process can be replicated all the way until you’re on the course ready to start your walk. Either wait evenly with your dog on the leash until they’re composed before progressing or take the leash off and postpone the walk for a couple of minutes.

It may seem like you are getting nowhere fast but better to take time getting this sorted now or you are going to be dragged around the streets for the next 10 years. The issue will not “self-correct”.

Now step two is a straightforward exercise that entails when your dog pulls ahead you turning around.

2. Shift direction

Before you begin your walk look at which way your dog is trying to head. Then you certainly turn left, if they would like to go right. Take a step to the left and repeat this until they are really taking notice of what you’re doing.

On a bigger scale when your dog starts to pull ahead you could simply change direction and go the other way.

By doing this exercise your dog ends up behind you every time. Your dog will get it although again it can take a little time.

3. Chose an appropriate apparatus

Take a look at some of the various kinds of devices available to assist you in getting your dog to heel. In the video, it is possible to see Doggy Dan where the attachment is under the dog’s chin using an extremely exceptional harness. That is entirely different to your conventional harness where the attachment is on the back and the dogs end up pulling like a cart horse.

4. Remember the pack leader leads…

On the walk, the pack leader leads in the front. It’s as simple as that. You can’t chicane a dog, especially the strong-minded driven ones! Learning is matter all on its own and is the basis of Doggy Dan’s world-renowned training strategy. He’s developed 5 Golden Rules, which when followed daily, help you become the pack leader in a tender and serene way.

On his video site The Online Dog Trainer, he points out that before any training occurs, you first need to establish yourself as the leader and stresses that this can be really important in solving almost all dog behavior issues.

5. Bunches of extra tricks

As I mentioned before there are heaps of other hints and tricks like understanding how and when to give the leash just a little pull without going over the top.

If you would like to master the walk now then look no further than Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer, with over 250 videos. It really is just the best dog training site approximately. You can find presently 7 excellent videos on how to walk your dog right showing you how to cope with every issue and question you may have. And there’s even a 30 minute sound inside the site – in order to listen while you walk!

Everybody wants to appreciate their dog and which includes walking them, thus don’t place up with it any longer!

And remember your dog may also be happy when the pulling stops and they can walk by your side!

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