How To Train A Labrador Puppy To Potty

how to train a labrador puppy to potty

Labradors are very intelligent and cute, and they make an excellent companion. However, Labradors can be a nuisance if not properly trained. One of the most important parts of housetraining your Labrador puppy is training him to potty. Training a Labrador puppy to potty takes patience, perseverance, and dedication and it is very simple because Labradors are very easy to train, intelligent and can easily adapt to changes. Labrador puppies are also very obedient which is why they are one of the most lovable breeds of dog in the world.

The reason why you should train your Labrador puppy to potty is that new Labrador puppies have small bladders and they have very little control over their small bladders and they do not know the proper place to potty. As a result of this, if you do not train your Labrador puppy to potty, your Labrador puppy will make it a habit to pee in the house. It is best to start training your Labrador puppy to potty as soon as you bring them into your house.

There are a few different methods to train your Labrador puppy too, one of them is;

The Know Your Puppy Method

If you are planning on using this method, it is important to know your Labrador puppy in order for you to know exactly when to take them outside to go potty. After some time, your Labrador puppy adapts to the routine and go outside to its potty spot whenever it feels the need to go potty. You can also pick a spot on your property for your Labrador to go potty whenever it feels the need to. It is best to give your Labrador puppy a treat whenever he goes to the potty to encourage him to do so again.

Firstly, you have to determine the age of the puppy, if you purchased him at a pet shop, ask the owner of the pet shop how old the puppy is and if you got him from a friend or family ask the person about the age of the puppy. You must know how frequently a Labrador puppy pee. As a result of the small bladders of Labrador puppies, they need to pee every few hours. Labrador puppies need to pee every two to three hours depending on their age and as they grow older they develop greater bladder control.

If you plan on using this method to train your Labrador puppy to potty, it will take place in three stages they include.


At this stage, you will teach your Labrador puppy the right place to go potty while also preventing him from relieving himself in the wrong places.

During this stage, you have to restrict your Labrador puppy to a small area on your property that has washable floors. After restricting your Labrador puppy to a small area, you need to take your puppy to his toilet area outside your home as many times each day. After doing this then you need to contain and supervise your Labrador puppy when his bladder is filling up. Also, you have to make sure that you give your Labrador puppy a treat whenever it goes to potty independently.

You can supervise and contain your Labrador puppy when his bladder is filling up by cuddling him in your arms or by crating him for a few minutes.

CRATING: Crating is the process of creating an environment inside a crate where your Labrador puppy will feel comfortable enough to sleep and spend time inside. The crate should contain the Labrador puppy’s blanket and favorite toys. In order to get your Labrador puppy accustomed to the crate, start by letting it spend a few minutes inside and increase the time gradually. The size of the crate should only be large enough for him to lie down and turn around or he might start peeing in the crate. Dogs have a natural instinct not to go potty in the very place that they sleep.

When your puppy needs to potty.

  • Labrador puppies need to go potty as soon as he wakes in the morning and as soon as he wakes from naps.
  • Labrador puppies also need to go potty about ten minutes after eating each of his meals.

Signs that your Labrador puppy is about to potty

  • Circling
  • Restlessness if your puppy is in a crate.
  • Whining if your puppy is in a crate.
  • Trotting around
  • Continuously sniffing the floor.

There are a few reasons why your Labrador puppy might not want to go outside to potty, some of them are;

1. WEATHER: Labrador puppies and sometimes even adult ones may sometimes refuse to go outside to potty because of cold weather. Labrador puppies are fragile and easily get sick in cold weather so during cold weather it is best to keep your Labrador puppy indoors.

2. PREFERENCE: Labrador puppies might feel more comfortable peeing on the carpet due to the fact that they are used to it. If that is the case the owner needs to find something with the same texture for them to pee on.

3. FEAR: Generally, dogs feel particularly vulnerable when they go potty, especially if they are left alone in unfamiliar and strange places. If your Labrador puppy refuses to go potty outside it might best result off of fear of other animals or sounds. It is best not to leave your Labrador puppy outside on his own (especially if you do not have a fence around your property) because they are fragile and are easily scared.

Labrador puppies can usually wait one hour before going potty for every month of their age. For instance, if your Labrador puppy is five months old, he should be able to able to wait for about five hours before going potty. You should remember to give your Labrador puppy a treat each time he goes potty outside, this will condition him to go outside whenever he needs to go potty.

Labrador puppies that are being crate trained will whine in the middle of the night whenever he needs to go potty.


At this stage, your Labrador puppy will start to develop some self-control and begin to learn to wait a few minutes before emptying his bladder when it starts to feel full. In this stage also you will also need to make sure your Labrador puppy gets to his toilet area frequently enough that he wouldn’t wet himself in the house. At some point during this period of time, a lot of Labrador puppies begin to last an hour or so longer between the normal potty breaks.


At this stage, your Labrador puppy will start to last longer between potty breaks and you are free to fully allow your dog into your home. During this stage, if accidents occur, you need to go back to shorter potty breaks.

You should also keep him off your carpets unless closely monitored for at least another month.

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