How To Train Your Dog To Go Potty On Command


Would not it be nice if it was snowing or drizzling or gross and cold outdoors, or perhaps you were late for work and you had to start really quickly, that you could take your young puppy outside and they could go to the bathroom right away when you inquire to?

Well, I’m going to talk with you about a few ways you can teach your pup how to go to the bathroom on command.

My name’s Joyce Moore, and welcome to The first thing that I want to speak with you about is how to really teach your dog to go to the restroom on command.

Now, when you take your pup outside they can get extremely easily distracted, so it’s best to keep them on a brief leash and just stand still and attempt not to speak to them too much.

Stay peaceful and let them simply think about their task. Once they go to the bathroom, start to pair the command that you want to use with your dog. Now, I utilized the command hurry up.

That’s what I feel most comfy saying in public around individuals. And I simply state that over and over and over again as the dog begins to go to the restroom.

Then I simply just applaud the dog once they finish.

I do not make a big deal, I do not always provide cookies or treat them. But I do utilize my voice to let them know I’m delighted with what they’ve done.

Another thing to think about is the best time of day to teach your dog to go to the restroom on command.

I like to teach my puppies, when they initially get up in the morning from a long sleep overnight, to take them outside at that point because I understand they have to go to the restroom.

I wait till they go before I start saying my command over and over and over again when they go to the bathroom for the very first couple of days.

The young puppy does not understand what the word means yet, so what I need to do is combine my word with the habits that the dog is already doing.

Now after a few days go by, I may think about saying the word a few times before the dog goes and see if they begin to smell or initiate habits that suggest that they’re going to go to the washroom.

If the young puppy’s more thinking about playing and jumping around, I’m gonna stop stating that command and simply go silent once again and wait on the pup to go to the restroom or program indications.

And at that point, I can begin repeating my word again. If the dog doesn’t know what it implies, there’s no point in providing a word.

So you need to ensure the very first number of days is more of a behavior and word association.

One issue you may run into when teaching your dog to go to the restroom on command is that young puppies typically get really proficient at going to the bathroom on command rapidly in places that they’re used to, so such as your house or places you take them regularly.

But there’s gonna be times when you have to take your young puppy and make them go to the bathroom in places that aren’t so familiar.

So maybe you’re heading to a dog class or you’re traveling on the road for a while. And in my case, I fly a lot with my canines and I have to go to a lot of various airports.

And unfortunately, airports aren’t constantly the best location to discover locations for your dog to go to the washroom. There have been times when I’ve just had a really little piece of grass that they need to go on and even just concrete itself.

And the fact that my pets can go to the bathroom quickly when I inquire to, and they’re not as choosy about the place, it makes my 10-hour journey to Europe a lot less demanding to know that they’re down below and they’ve eased themselves and they’re comfortable.

Teaching your young puppy to go to the bathroom on command is both practical and easy, and it actually doesn’t take that long to do.

So the next time that you’re late for something, or there’s snowstorm outdoors and you have to take your young puppy to go to the restroom, you’re going to be extremely happy that they will go quickly on command for you.