Puppy Training Mistakes Can Have A Lasting Impact


Puppy training mistakes that go unnoticed and are repeated over and over are often the most crucial mistakes of all. If your puppy’s not getting it when it comes to potty training or is misbehaving then subtle mistakes could be the culprit.

It’s not uncommon to experience these kinds of setbacks. Even one of several common puppy training mistakes can contribute to or be the cause of puppy training problems. Some mistakes will greatly reduce your puppy’s, or dog’s, ability to learn, affect his behavior in the future, and can drag the accidents out forever.

The experiences that a puppy has during the critical imprinting stages of his life,(which also takes place during the potty training phase) put an indelible mark on who he is and what kind of pet he will become.

Most puppy training mistakes you can SAFELY and EASILY avoid if the right keys are in place.

If your puppy is not getting potty trained or having trouble in any area that involves exhibiting unwanted behaviors in the house then undetected puppy training mistakes may be the culprit.

The longer mistakes are made, the harder it will be to fix the resulting behavior problems.

Science has come a long way in the studies of animal behavior and has given us the knowledge which allows us to avoid making the same errors of the past.

No matter how it seems, your puppy or dog does not misbehave on purpose and potty training failures are not because your puppy is stupid. It is simply a case of miscommunication and one that you can easily fix right away.

Some puppy training mistakes are much more critical than others and are often the cause of several behavioral problems in dogs that you might never think to trace back to this puppy training stage.

Some examples of typical problems that started with subtle errors in training:

  • Hiding to potty in a remote location of the house
  • Not pottying outside and then coming back in and pottying in the house
  • Eliminating in the crate
  • Excessive whining or barking in the crate
  • Over submissiveness
  • Fear or fearful behavior
  • Submissive urination
  • Seems to ignore commands
  • Coprophagia(Stool eating)
  • Running away from you when you call
  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviors
  • Some forms of aggression.

90% or more of dogs that do develop these problems do so because of early puppy training mistakes and miscommunication, which then became reinforced because they went undetected and in turn were repeated on a consistent basis.

This means that a puppy can be ‘accidentally’, but effectively ‘inversely trained’ to do just the opposite of what was intended.

No matter what the breed, it is the training and the dynamics of the human/dog relationship that causes a puppy to end up as an adult dog with these kinds of problems. Of course, there are some breeds that have more of a propensity for certain problem behaviors, but with the appropriate upbringing, these need not be a part of any dog’s life.

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