Puppy Training Problems and Their Simple Solutions

*Photo by Alyssa Card Photography

Puppy problems are usually the result of unintentional and many times subtle training mistakes. Often these seemingly harmless mistakes can compound problems for both you and your puppy.

Your puppy’s first year is critical to how the rest of his life will play out and what kind of companion he will become.

Avoiding puppy training mistakes is actually very easy. Puppy problems don’t have to ruin the experience of raising a puppy. It can be a fun and rewarding time for both of you.

Many subtle but common puppy training mistakes have unfortunate consequences that you might never have imagined to be connected to early mistakes or certain, seemingly harmless interactions with a puppy.

Little Puppy Training Errors Can Cause Big Problems

Common puppy problems include pottying when coming back inside, lingering outside, hiding to eliminate, chewing on things…

But some bigger problems that can occur are ones such as, fearfulness or aggressiveness, eliminating in the crate and in the house, separation anxiety, obsessive/compulsive behaviors…

All of the bigger problems started with very subtle and small mistakes and unwanted behaviors. They didn’t just magically appear in the dog but happened as a result of cause and effect.

Unknowingly making mistakes that lead to inconvenient problems can make your puppy’s first year confusing and trying for both of you. But recognizing what to avoid and knowing exactly what to do to prevent behavior problems is easier than you think!

You owe it to yourself and your puppy to use gentle and proven ways to keep puppy problems from getting out of control; methods that are practical and easy for you to apply to your everyday life.

This early time should be a happy and bonding time in the life of you and your puppy without having to deal with puppy problems. And without having to worry about adult dog behavior problems later. You want to raise a happy, healthy, confident canine companion that loves you AND listens to you.

Puppies and dogs have a specific pattern of learning and once you tap into that you will be shocked at the progress you will make!