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Potty Training Puppy Without Crate: How To Train Your Older Dog


Introduction Have you ever been around a friend’s dog and discovered that the dog was totally trustworthy inside the house? Your friend never has to be concerned about items getting chewed up, mishaps during potty training, or food theft. When you inquire as to how she did it, your friend extols the virtues of crate training. Because your dog is older and utterly terrified of the crate due to prior experiences or lack of exposure, you leave […]

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Potty Training Without A Crate


How to potty train a puppy without a crate most effectively. House training, or “potty training” as some people call it, is one of the most difficult things that many new puppy owners have to deal with. Some people recommend using a crate to “train” the puppy, but this is not necessary and is actually a bad idea, as we’ll discuss in a moment. Using a crate is not recommended when house training a dog properly. The […]

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