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Tips for Teaching Your Dog Not to Bite


The usage of teeth should be heavily emphasized during a puppy’s early education. Although mouthing and biting are common puppy behaviors, it’s important that dogs learn to use their mouths carefully. The majority of us stop the action as soon as we feel the puppy’s razor-sharp fangs piercing us. Don’t! Before you can educate your puppy not to bite, you must first teach it that when it does bite, it should do so softly and without exerting […]

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How to Start Training Your Puppy: Where to Start Puppy Training


When is the best time to start training my dog? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Many myths and ideas exist about the best time to start. The short answer is that the younger you are, the better! You can and should start training your puppy as soon as you receive it. The Advantages of Raising Puppies Many people acquire their dogs as puppies. When I say “puppy stage,” I mean the period from […]

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