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How To Train My German Shepherd Like A Police Dog


How to Train a German Shepherd to Work as a Police Dog Introduction Throughout history, man has partnered with the dog for a number of tasks since the domestication of the wolf. Dogs can be guardians, herders, athletes, or just companions. The police K9 unit, which consists of a team of both officers and specially trained dogs who fill one or more roles, is the best example of humans and dogs working together. They work together, using […]

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How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy At Home

What is the Best Way to Train a German Shepherd? Few dogs can match the German Shepherd’s grace and majesty. They are also working dogs who enjoy learning, in addition to being one of the most loyal dog breeds. German Shepherds are very adaptable and easy to train because they are smart, athletic, and eager to please. Training a German Shepherd Puppy (Method 1) 1. Start your training around the age of eight weeks.Despite the fact that […]

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