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Crate Training Schedule For 8 Week Old Puppy: Where Do I Start With Crate Training A Puppy?


By praising it. Rewarding your puppy frequently is one of the best puppy training tips. They may form a positive attachment to the crate. Playing crate games helps to form the connection. You can play fetch with your dog, where the toy lands inside the crate and he must retrieve it, or you can line up a kibble trail to the crate. These types of games can make the dog crate more enjoyable. Despite your best efforts, […]

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4 Month Old Puppy Crate Training Schedule


Crate Training for a Four-Month-Old Puppy How long can a four-month-old dog be confined in a crate? A four-month-old baby might be able to last three to five hours. Even adult dogs should not be crated for more than nine hours at a time. Puppies who are still learning to housebreak may require more frequent breaks. Puppies under the age of six months will require a bathroom break in the middle of the day. What is the […]

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Puppy Crate Training Schedule 12 Weeks


What is a Good Puppy Crate Training Schedule? Crate training is probably top of mind if you’ve just gotten your puppy. Crates can be extremely useful in training your puppy into a well-behaved and calm dog, whether you use them to potty train him or simply to help him calm down. Routine is the most important thing to dogs. This is why it’s crucial to start establishing a daily routine as soon as possible. Setting up a […]

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