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Dog Aggression Towards People


Aggression by Dogs Towards Humans Although dogs are our best friends, they are still a different species. We all communicate in different ways, and dogs aren’t always able to read people’s intentions correctly. Barks, growls, snaps, bites, and attacks are all ways dogs communicate. We must teach them, just as some humans must be taught, to trust us and to control their emotions so that they do not become angry or aggressive when scared, upset, or startled. […]

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Rescue Dog Aggression: A Veterinarian’s Advice On How To Deal With An Aggressive Rescue Dog


Difficult life experiences can influence an aggressive rescue dog. What should you do in this situation? An aggressive rescue dog can cause a slew of issues. We all know that adopting a rescue pet is a big responsibility, but what should you do if you end up with an aggressive rescue dog? While some people may choose to surrender an aggressive dog to a rescue organization in the hopes of receiving treatment, many owners have already grown […]

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Signs Of Dog Aggression Towards Humans


Aggression between dogs and humans Aggression between dogs and humans can be unpredictable and dangerous, especially when the dog has a history of aggressive behavior. Each year, dog bites result in a large number of hospital admissions and cost insurance companies millions of dollars in claims. While the majority of dogs get along well with their owners, dogs of all breeds and breed mixes can bite. Bites rarely happen “out of the blue,” contrary to popular belief, […]

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