What is the Best Way to Train a Chihuahua Puppy

the best way to train a chihuahua puppy

Chihuahua dogs are one of the smallest breeds of dogs and they are named after the state of chihuahua in Mexico. They are native to Mexico and are often referred to as a toy dog breed. They are one of the most popular and oldest breeds of dog in the world. They usually have a weight ranging from 4 to 6 lbs (1.5 to 3kg) and a height ranging from 15 to 25 cm. They have a wide variety of colors like dark brown, sable and light brown.

The chihuahuas are energetic and aggressive dogs and they are easily provoked to attack people, so they are not suitable for households with little kids who might sometimes mishandle the dog. Although the chihuahua puppy is aggressive he is usually very loyal to his human companion.

Most times, the chihuahua puppy tend to be very loyal to one human companion and he also tends to be very overprotective of the human companion especially around other people or animals. The chihuahua puppy does not easily socialize, that is, they do not easily get along with other breeds of dog but they can be taught to socialize with proper dog training. They prefer to live in close-knit groups where they prefer to socialize with other chihuahua or chihuahua hybrids. They often love to hang around their den and sometimes burrow in blankets, cloth hampers, and pillows. One of the best methods of teaching a chihuahua puppy to socialize is by exposing him to as many people, dogs and animals as possible .

Chihuahua puppy is very small and quite vulnerable to injuries. Training a chihuahua puppy is a way to protect the dog from dangers and also teach him some behavior. Chihuahua puppy is easy to train, but as they grow older (like two or three years), they become very difficult to train. Training your chihuahua puppy is easy because they are very intelligent breeds of dog but they are also not too easy to train because they tend to be very stubborn and sensitive.

If you are busy or want to let a professional dog trainer to train your chihuahua puppy, you can find some of the best dog trainers on the Internet. Before you start training your chihuahua puppy, you need to create a routine which needs to be consistent. The best way to train a chihuahua puppy is to buy using positive reinforcement training.

Steps to Follow When Using Positive Reinforcement to Train Your Chihuahua Puppy


Remember that chihuahua puppies are fragile and delicate .


SOCIALIZE EARLY: The chihuahua puppy does not easily socialize, that is, they do not easily get along with other breeds of dog but they can be taught to socialize with proper dog training. They prefer to live in close-knit groups where they prefer to socialize with other chihuahua or chihuahua hybrids. You should teach him how to cope and connect with people and dogs. This means that you should introduce your chihuahua puppy to as many new people and places as possible during their puppy stage. Make sure that a new meeting is a positive experience for the puppy so that it will reinforce your chihuahua puppy instinct to be friendly. Early socialization of your chihuahua puppy will help create the confidence that he will use to behave himself as he grows older. The more familiar your chihuahua puppy is to the world around him, the lower the tendency for your puppy to jump on people and guest when he grows older.


DO NOT PLAY DRESS UP WITH YOUR CHIHUAHUA PUPPY : During your chihuahua puppy training, do not dress him in clothes and costumes or carry it around with you until the training is finished. By not playing dress up with your chihuahua puppy, you are providing with the type of companion he is looking for, a guide who is not too firm when training him. Carrying the puppy around when training him will make him think that he is the boss and not your companion.


Make sure that your chihuahua puppy some downtime before you start training him. This will give him time to get familiar with your house and the people living in houses before you start teaching him anything.


Make sure you establish yourself as the alpha of the household in order to ensure that she does not think that she is your boss. Most times the chihuahua puppies enter a house and think that they are your boss and you are not their boss or companion. So make sure that you establish yourself as the pack leader the moment your chihuahua puppy walks into your house.

In order to establish yourself as the alpha, you should make your chihuahua puppy wait for permission to eat and do other things like jumping on a bed or couch. If they do not wait for your permission before eating or jumping on the couch, take away their food or take them off the couch. Do not be act aggressively when training your chihuahua puppy because this will make them feel scared and afraid and not secure and safe. Show them kindness during training and make them know that they can trust you. Also, make sure you hold your chihuahua puppy after it has become familiar with you and your house provide him with food and also a place to go potty.


If you notice that your chihuahua puppy exhibits some bad behaviors such as growling, biting and aggression with food, you should correct it immediately. If you do not correct this bad behavior immediately, you chihuahua puppy will think that it is proper to behave like that and you might not be able to correct that behavior easily later. To correct the bad behavior in your chihuahua puppy, say NO in a clear and stern voice until the puppy stops it. If the chihuahua puppy continues to act that way you should hold it in your arms and support its belly and bottom. Do not say your chihuahua puppy’s name when you command him to stop.


Create a safe place where your chihuahua puppy can go to have some personal time or where it can go when he feels insecure or feels angry or threatened. You can also buy or make your chihuahua puppy a nice, soft and comfortable dog bed. Do not use a crate or a cage because they will have too much energy as a result of being confined in a restricted area, even a blanket on the couch can work. Make sure that the place you provide for the puppy is safe and easy to access.


Take your chihuahua puppy outside the house to go potty about the same time on a daily basis. Walk your chihuahua puppy about four times a day (morning, noon, evening and before bedtime). The main reason why you should try using the same time every day is to make your chihuahua puppy know when it can go potty and how long it has to hold it in.


Teach him different commands and reward him with treats and praise when it does something you want him to do. Chihuahuas are one of the most intelligent breeds of dog in the world, they have the largest brain relative to their size as compared to any other breeds of dog in the world. They respond very well to treats and positive praise. They will repeat the good behavior in order to get the reward and praise. Do not give them any kind of reward or praise if they did something bad for they will repeat the bad behavior to get the reward and praise after it.

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