The Top 10 Dog Training Myths Busted

Dog Training Myths: There’s a lot of contradictory information on the internet. And the majority of it is complete nonsense. So, in this article, I’d like to set the air. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly misunderstood subjects one by one.

This article gives you a list of myths about dog training that you may have heard from other dog lovers.

1. Training a dog takes a long time.

– This is simply not the case. Dog training is actually quite simple if you know what you’re doing. This is old-school training, so you won’t have to spend hours in dog obedience classes or walk around in circles in the rain. This is completely unnecessary and a waste of your time for the majority of dogs. If you’re doing all of this and still having problems with your dog at home, there’s a problem with the fundamentals. Dogs are simple animals that enjoy walking and exercising at least once a day, but a happy dog will also sleep for long periods of time.

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2. In the home, there is only one pack leader.

– If you train your dogs in this way, they will respect all of the humans in the home and regard them as pack leaders. I recommend that you teach your dog to respect everyone so that they will obey commands regardless of who is present. It is not true that a dog will have only one master. Of course, dogs will respect calm, gentle people who actually know what they’re doing more than those who don’t.

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3. It is important to attend puppy school.

– Puppy school does not work as well as many owners believe. A lot of puppy schools aren’t worth the money. Far too many people rush their new puppies to the local puppy class, where they sit for an hour every week and learn very little with a couple of other puppies. Owners feel they have “graduated” from puppy class after four weeks, but they have only learned the command “sit” and met a few other puppies. Unfortunately, the majority of the most important training is missing.

Attending puppy school is less important than gaining important knowledge.

4. Professional dog training is costly.

– One of the best dog and puppy training packages on the internet is available at an affordable price. Unfortunately, most people waste a lot of money on bad advice simply because they don’t know where to get great training. Many people have spent thousands of dollars on pre-puppy school, puppy school, dog obedience classes, agility, and dog behaviorists, but their dogs are still having nightmares. The reason for this is that they have yet to come across any good dog training.

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5. Only positive reinforcement can be used to train a dog.

– Positive training is great, but it is not a complete solution! You may need to take steps to put a stop to unwanted behavior. The ability to understand your dog’s respect in a loving and gentle way is also essential when training them. This doesn’t mean you should yell at or hurt your dog, but you should do more than praise them for their good behavior. In many ways, it’s similar to training a child: you praise the good, but you also need to step quickly to stop the bad behaviors, perhaps with a timeout or something else that makes the child think twice before repeating them. It can be hard to tell when positive reinforcement, like treats, is being used the right way in dog training, but it can help a lot.

6. Food treats should never be used.

– One of the most effective training tools is the use of food treats at the right time, in the right way, and in the right situations. Doggy Dan knows how to use treats effectively and demonstrates this throughout his dog training program. With over 250 videos, you’ll not only see how effective food treats are and how few times he uses them, but you’ll also learn how to fade them out over time.

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7. It’s impossible to teach an old dog new tricks.

– Dogs, at any age, are always ready for change. Of course, prevention is preferable to cure, and it’s often easier to properly train a dog from the start. Many senior dogs are simply waiting for you to show them a new way of behaving. They really want you to give them the present of early retirement.

Allow them to switch off and relax during their retirement. Of course, you’ll need to first figure out what they’re looking for and then figure out how to communicate it to them.

And, surprise, surprise…

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8. All you need is a lot of practice and hard work.

– There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Doing things the wrong way will almost always result in failure. If you do it correctly, your dog will respond in a matter of minutes. Dog training isn’t about putting in a lot of training or spending a lot of time with your dog. They are intelligent animals, and if you are the pack leader and understand how to communicate with them, they will listen to you. Great dog trainers have learned how to work smarter rather than harder.

9. Training small dogs is easier than training large dogs.

– Size has no bearing on this. There are some very easy-going, non-difficult-to-train large dogs, as well as some very difficult smaller dogs. You can’t generalize how people will act based on their size, just like you can’t generalize how people will act based on their age!

10. The majority of misbehaving dogs are inept.

– This is wrong. Even by dog standards, the majority of troublemakers are extremely intelligent. The very clever, determined dogs who refuse to give up are frequently the ones who frustrate us the most. This is where we need to step up our game and learn a little more about what these magnificent creatures are really up to.

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